Funny / SPY Fox

Between the parental bonuses, cartoon slapstick and desert-dry wit, it's easy to see why SPY Fox is generally agreed to be the funniest game series Humongous Entertainment ever created.

  • The later games, if you called Monkey Penny, she'd always be doing something really random and completely unrelated to Spy stuff, such as playing bagpipes in Scottland or working in a racecar pit crew.
  • The fact that we only see the chief's massive hands any nothing else. Not only are they big enough to hold normal-sized objects between his thumb and forefinger, but pounding his fist caused Spy Fox to bounce in place.
  • Monkey Penny getting annoyed with you if you call her while still inside the mobile command center. In the second game, he says he's trying to see if it could pick up cartoons.
  • All of the puns. All of them!

    Dry Cereal 
  • Really, just the plot alone: a goat milk producer kidnaps all of the world's dairy cows, then uses their milk for an elaborate blackmail plan involving a "Milky Weapon of Destruction" to flood the capital, blame the dairy cows, then take over the dairy industry. Just try to say it out loud without cracking up.
  • Spy Fox's introductory scene on the airplane.
    (Fox is reading a newspaper when a cheerful flighty attendant comes by with an airplane meal)
    Flight Attendant: Would you like our Italian entré, sir?
    Spy Fox: No thanks. It gives me hives.
    Flight Attendant: Our vegetarian dinner, then?
    Spy Fox: Nope, gives me the vapors.
    (Flight Attendant flips down the tray table and leans in to whisper, looking around as she does, revealing that she's also a spy)
    Flight Attendant: Then may I recommend the Greek plate? It's delicious?
    Spy Fox: Alright, if you insist.
    (Flight attendant goes back to smiling as she walks off)
    Flight Attendant: Enjoy!
    • The funniest part? If you look around Spy Fox this entire scene, you'll notice he's the only passenger on the plane!
  • Each object hidden in the four pen gadgets you can pick from as you're falling to the ground from the airplane comes with a unique side comment from Spy Fox.
    • A piano. "I'm in no mood to tickle the ivories now."
    • An anchor. "A bit weighty for me."
    • A small tank. "Tanks but no tanks."
    • A whoopie cushion, which he uses to break his fall (with expected results). "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that airline meal."
    • A fishing rod, which he uses to swing down from a passing helicopter. "If you thought that was impressive, you should've seen the one that got away."
    • And if you Take Your Time, he'll start to notice. "Am I falling, or is the ground just coming towards me?"
  • Fox trying to use the laser toothbrush as a normal toothbrush, followed by his sheepish expression as he slowly lowers it from his mouth when Monkey Penny tells him not to do that.
  • Mr. Udderly exaggerating some of the details of his kidnap, describing it as being in the middle of extremely important managerial duties (he was sharpening pencils), being attacked by dozens goons (there were two), then fighting them off with his bare fists (he cowered in fear) until he was jumped, thrown in a bag and whisked away (he calmly got into the bag and then followed the bad guys voluntarily).
  • The childlike crayon drawing presentation of William the Kid's evil plan, complete with arrows pointing to what certain things are.
  • Quack venting his frustration over how toy companies stole his idea for his "spy putty" after Spy Fox remarks that it "looks rather silly."
  • The Running Gag of the souvenir stand owner being too short to reach anything on the wall of his shop (save for the sailor's cap in the "White Water" path).
  • The host of the deck part being a literal and figurative weasel, the absolute crowned being when you show him the forged invitation after having been previously turned away.
    Weasel: Not you again! How many times do I have to tell you? This is a private party and without an invitation, you are not allowed to go on board! Sheesh!
    (Spy Fox cooly whips out his invitation)
    Weasel: The nerve of some people. You'd think they would... YEEHEE!!! Let me see that. "Signed, Russian Blue." (Suddenly nicer) Oh sir! We are ever so honored to have you on board with us today. Please, feel free to come and go as you wish.
    Spy Fox: (dryly) Why thank you. How gracious of you. (to the player) What a weasel.
  • Russian Blue flirting with Spy Fox, the first sign that he's Not So Stoic.
    Spy Fox: Would you care to dance, Miss Blue?
    Russian Blue: I would love to, Mr. Fox. But there is only one dance on this planet I will dance to, and that is the tango. I love the tango. (Grabs him by the tie and pulls him nose-to-nose with her) Do you know why I love the tango, Mr. Fox?
    Spy Fox: That funky beat?
    Russian Blue: (sensually) Because... it takes two to tango.
    Spy Fox: Interesting. I've never done the math on that.
    (Fox wobbles away, then pulls at collar as steam escapes)
    • The hypnotic trance, complete with Eye Twitch and her tail poofing out when the tango music starts.
    • The goofy poses Spy Fox strikes during their dance.
    • Russian Blue's known felonies, as related by Monkey Penny: "Indecent Tangoing (acquitted)," "dancing with intent to tango (acquitted)," "jay-tangoing (acquitted)" and "tangoing out of season (acquitted)." Complete with an unflattering mugshot of Russian Blue in a filthy flannel shirt and looking like a grungey punk.
  • While at the ancient ruins leading to Kid's secret lair, Fox comments that this was probably a nice place "until someone came along and ruined it."
  • Spy Fox's making a funny face at the security camera in Kid's factory, followed by a hand and a boot extending from it to pick him up and kick him, respectively.
    "That thing is not only giving me the eye, it gave me the boot!"
  • Far and away the worst pun in the game: "I'm from the accounting office. I was asked to count all of the offices."
  • William the Kid referring to his escape vehicle as "my giant metallic getaway blimp."
  • Spy Fox pressing the eject button in the truck he's driving to chase down Kid... which ejects the cassette tape with the chase music.
  • "But what about the sequel?" "There'll be other super villains out there. We'll be fine."
  • Kid to Spy Fox: "I'm really getting tired of you ruining my dairy domination plans!" "Yes, well I do have a tendency to show up and ruin evil villains' schemes."
  • And what does Spy Fox get as a reward for bringing Willaim the Kid to justice? A big cookie, the nation's highest honor.

     Some Assembly Required 
  • The Running Gag of "Well of course it's smelly if you got it out of [the garbage]." "Not 'smelly.' S.M.E.L.L.Y! 'The society for evil meaningless larceny, lying and yelling'." Followed by someone adding "Our evil nemesis" along with a dramatic sting.
    • The first time Spy Fox uses this pun on Agent Gracefully, he adds "You need a hobby."
  • Agent Gracefully telling Spy Fox not to say her name too much because she's trying to travel incognito.
  • All of the slapstick when you're escaping the pig goons in the alps.
    • If you take one escape path in the alps, you'll be lead through a cave where an abominable snowman jumps out from behind some stalagmite to scare you, then grimaces that you didn't notice it.
  • The details on the box for the robot dog: "One Giant Evil Robot Dog; 'Some Assembly Required'; Do not put in mouth; 1/1,000 scale; 'It's FUN!'
  • One of the more direct (and therefore funnier) James Bond references when Spy Fox saying that he's "shaken but not stirred" by a crash landing.
  • "[I]t looks like it's up to you, me and Professor Quack to get to the bottom of it!" Cut away to Quack's head nearly getting blown off by an invention. "Well, you and me, anyway, Monkey Penny."
  • The fact that you can just idly chit-chat with Le Rouche at any given moment (and he only seems mildly annoyed that you keep escaping).
  • Le Rouche showing a scale-model of his world domination plan with a normal-sized wind-up dog-bot, showing how it will go on a horrifying rampage of destruction. Cue the dog-bot taking one step, falling over and bursting into flames.
    • The fact that he says "maxicam papasity" instead of "maximum capacity."
  • You can't ask Bea Bear about anything and not get a massage. And by the look on Fox's face, they're really intense.
  • The little bonus animation of what happens to the ID machine after it's done it's job.
    Spy Fox: (as the machine is shaking violently) Professor Quack, what does it mean when the ID machine does this?
    (Quack rushes down and stars frantically trying to fix it with a hammer and saw - and a rubber duckie - while Fox backs away nervously. Quack ponders for a second, presses a button and the think explodes in his face, leaving him ash faced and with his bill turned up a'la Robin Hood Daffy)
    Quack: (unamused) I believe it means that the machine is broken.
    • Then Fox pats him on the back, causing Quack to cough up some ID cards before going back to work.