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Funny: Spiral Knights
  • During Winterfest, nearly everyone and everything you encounter in the clockworks wears a santa hat. Even Lord Vanaduke.
    • Also amusing on the Royal Jelly, who already wears a giant crown (and nothing else).
  • Your early interaction with Hahn, a biotech specialist during tutorial missions mostly consists of you getting interrupted by Hahn's Motor Mouth tendencies.
  • On one of the newer quests (when you have to delve into the Clockworks to reclaim the lost battle sprites), you have to speak with Morlin, a tech NPC who will inform you about the sprites. He comes up with names for them, to which your PC will answer stuff like 'clever' or 'how charming'. When you're speaking with him after rescuing the Maskeraiths, your character snarks yet again. Morlin's response?
    "Your sarcasm has been noted."

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