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Funny: Spiders And Magic Rise Of Spider Mane
  • Just about all of the interactions between Peter and the Cutie Mark Crusaders would qualify for this, particularly their first meeting, when Peter gets inducted as their captain while he wasn't paying attention to them.
  • Some of Peter's classical witty banter while fighting.
  • Fluttershy's uncalled arousal.
  • "Batmare!"
  • Velvet's question to Peter and Twilight in chapter 35.
  • Lyra's mishaps while trying to prove Peter's identity as a human.
  • Peter meets Babs Seed. His response? "Oh God! They're multiplying!"
  • It took over forty chapters, but a 60's Spider-Meme finally found it's way in. When a now human Twilight comments on having 'tentacles at the ends of her hooves,' Peter says. "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is OW!" (His remark earned him a smack upside the head.)
  • Peter brings a bunch of gems to Tony Stark to get some money. Tony, being who he is, sets up a bank account with three hundred million dollars. Peter faints from the sheer amount. Again, being who he is...
    Tony: What, three hundred not enough for you? Fine, I'll give you five hundred million if it'll keep you from dying on Stephen's table...
    • Called back in Chapter 60 when Peter ends up giving the diner he and Twilight frequented to its manager as well as a hefty tip, implied to be several million dollars. As she passes out, Peter said, "So that's what it looked like."
  • The entire second half of Chapter 49 and made all the better by the massive Mood Whiplash. Going from everyone back in Equestria catching feedback from Peter's fights into Twilight going on a mission. She borrows 98 million dollars from Peter, who asks "What's the worst that can happen?" The answer? Twilight buys out the Daily Bugle and fires J. Jonah Jameson.
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