Funny: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

  • The P.A. System in Alchemax (Peter Parker's timeline) gives out a few morbid gems.
    • Please do not be alarmed if you hear gunfire: it is merely for your protection. Anyone working after hours will not be eligible for workman's compensation if wounded or killed.
  • The two Spider-Men snarking at each other.
    • “’Trust me,’ says the voice in my head. Y’know, this is how serial killers get started.”

    Spider-Man: *after the time rift shifts and creates a deadlier path* O’Hara, can you do something to help me in the present?
    Spider-Man 2099: Which present? You’re in my present. You mean your past present or my present future?
    Spider-Man: *exaggerated sigh*...I hate you.

    Spider-Man 2099: *after failing to open a voice coded door* Parker, change in plans.
    Spider-Man: Quelle surprise!
  • When Spider-Man 2099 arrives in the, past... to stop Anti-Venom from following Amazing Spider-Man into the future & it turns out Anti-Venom can't erase Spidey 2099's powers.
    Spider-Man 2099: Because mine aren't radiation based, if you have to know!
    Walker Sloan: Didn't know, don't care.
  • Whilst trying to repair the time gate so Spider-Man 2099 can return home.
    Spider-Man: By the way... Thanks for bringing me back from the dead. Now I know how Captain America feels... And Jean Grey... And Colossus... And—
  • Before the big reveal the 2099 Alchemax CEO is himself, Peter makes one nice remark :
    Spider-Man: So this is where you make the big reveal, and I say, Holy cow! Norman Osborn or the Kingpin or Jonah Jameson! C'mon PLEASE be Jameson
    • Speaking of Jameson, on the third Newspaper which details J. Jonah Jameson, the normal timeline says "J. Jonah Jameson in tight race for Mayor.", in the other timeline, it's "J. Jonah Jameson buys mare to race.". In another, Hammerhead is a hat salesmen in the Alchemax Timeline.
  • Present day Spider-man mocking Miguel and the 2099 future's general use of the word "Shock".