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Funny: Spider-Island
  • An out-of-control J. Jonah Jameson bites Spidey, causing him to wonder if he'll develop the proportional cheapness of a JJJ.
  • When Spider-Man finds out that JJJ has Spider powers. Peter is at first in shock, then he starts making jokes like crazy from calling JJJ, the Spectacular Spider-Mayor. And asking if he can make JJJ wear one of his spare costumes, with the mask cut to fit JJJ's mustache.
  • Ben Grimm making the comment "Now that's a Spider-Woman!" about Spider!Mary-Jane... Whilst standing next to the real Spider-Woman.
  • After Sue Storm comments that all the Avengers do is sit around & eat Chinese food, Spidey chimes in that sometimes they order pizza. Later, the Thing comments during their poker game at the mansion that it really feels like they should be eating something.
  • Gravity starting to panic during the final battle, because everytime a big battle like this goes down, a third-string hero usually dies... And he's the only one there. Iron Fist tells him that no-one's dying, only for Luke Cage to declare that he's not dying because he's got a little girl to go home to; Iron Fist promptly tells him off for jinxing it.
  • Whilst not seen, Danni Cage webbed her nanny to the ceiling.
  • Everyone freaking out about being naked, except for the superheroes...
  • Anything to do with Hercules, but really that's par for the course.
    • "Zounds! What a glorious day! I am restored to my righteous form! With good comrades by my side! A monster torn asunder! And naked people as far as the eye can see! Reminds me of a time in Mycinae!"

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