Funny / Spider-Girl

  • The mini-arc about May's shrinking suit, culminating with her having to web up the tears during a fight in the 72nd issue.
  • This little dialogue from issue six:
    May: Is it my imagination or is dad going all J. Jonah Jameson on us?
    MJ: Ooooo! You are sooooo lucky he missed that remark!
  • May's reaction to her mother being pregnant — MJ and Peter are delighted. May's undergoing a severe case of Oh-My-God-My-Parents-Still-Have-Sex.
  • How May finds out Baby Ben has spider-powers in Amazing Spider-Girl issue 14: he starts making a mess by dropping toys on her head.
  • Courtney's fantasy about being Spider-Girl.
  • The lampshading of Peter's With Great Power line in issue five:
    May: But Daddy, I have a responsibility...
    Peter: Don't give me the responsibility shtick, young lady! I INVENTED the responsibility shtick!
  • The 19th issue is devoted to giving A Day in the Limelight to Mayday Parker's circle of friends. Moose Manfield's story is just 9 panels of him standing there and rubbing his nose.