Funny / Special Agent Oso

  • The episode "Potty Royale," complete with Oso repeatedly asking the boy "Are you okay in there?" until finally the kid grows aggravated and asks Oso to please be quiet - he's trying to use the potty.
  • "Live and Let Dry," in which Oso is helping a kid, Logan, to wash dishes and suggests washing them in the bathtub. In fact, Oso is just full of entertaining ideas in this episode, including rinsing the dishes in lemonade, hanging them on the clothesline to dry, or putting them on Logan's mother's head and drying them with her hairdryer.
    Logan: Oso, that's just silly.
  • The training exercise in "For Your Nice Bunny."
    Dotty: Oh, by the way, you're being chased by a pack of puppies!
  • The Running Gag of Whirlybird misunderstanding Oso's comments as a request to eject him. It often comes across as if he's intentionally trolling him. For example, in "Hopscotch Royale," Oso makes the mistake of shouting "Now we're really flying!"
    Whirlybird: You want to be really flying?! Okay! (ejects Oso)
  • In "Goldringer," Oso finds a boomerang. The little girl he's teaching to play horseshoes informs him "If you throw it, it comes back to you." So he does, and it does come back... and bonks him in the butt.