Funny: Speak

  • Melinda's parents each having a go at cooking a frozen turkey.
  • Becomes a Brick Joke when Melinda brings the bones to art class to make a sculpture, and her initial attempts to make them into expressive art.
    • "It's firewood, get it?"
  • The Running Gag of the school mascots constantly changing, finally settling on the "Horny Hornets"
  • Melinda's snarkish introspection on her life is greatly amusing.
    • When she goes over to Heather's house, Heather talks about how she is setting goals for herself. Melinda's response?
    "My goal is to go home and take a nap."
    • "Exchange students are ruining the country" though context makes it a Tear Jerker since Rachel has friend-dumped Melinda for the exchange student posse.
    • Not a snarky remark, but when Heather after friend-dumping Melinda comes to her to ask for a favor, while suggesting that she redoes her room in Seafoam Green or Eggplant. Though she doesn't say it in the book, you can feel Melinda's disdain dripping off her description of Heather.
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