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Funny: Sparkgate Agatha And The Grasp Of The Serpent God
  • "Bow before your- Ra's Testicles, man, do you want a pair of pants?"
  • This gem from post-Rhadamanthys O'Neill:
    Some improvised therapy at O'Malley's involving a pitcher of beer and their greasiest ribs-and-chicken-wing plate had banished most of Rhadamanthys' voice from his brain. There had been that really bad moment at 1am involving Marge Simpson sprouting udders and doing a belly dance, though.
  • Daniel's reaction to coffee from Agatha's Coffee Organ - stripping naked and later singing "The Age of Aquarius". When SG-1 pays another visit to Boetia/Eureka, he mentions that he's received no small amount of hazing for it.
    "Ten copies of The Full Monty," Daniel said counting it out on dirt-smeared fingers, "fifteen thongs, four pairs of rip-away male stripper pants, and a year's worth of crunchy granola bars."
    "You still have the respect of the base," Teal'c said. "SG-3 greeted you yesterday with a rousing song in your honor."
    "They were in tie-dye and love beads," Daniel replied, "singing a Hair medley."
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