Funny / Spamalot

  • Patsy: Well, sir...I'm a Jew.
    Arthur: ...Well, why on earth didn't you say so, Patsy?
    Patsy: I'm sorry, sir,'s just not the sort of thing you tell a heavily-armed Christian.
  • "I'm All Alone". Arthur singing about how alone he is? Sad. Patsy standing right there? Really sad. A bunch of other knights joining in Arthur's lament of how alone he is? Priceless.
  • The Reveal of the Lady of the Lake's true identity.
    Arthur: Lady...I would have your true name.
    Lady: It's...Guinevere.
    Lancelot: ...Holy shit.
  • His name is Lance-a-lot, and in tight pants-a-lot!
  • Arthur: I thought you were a fairy.
    Lady of the Lake: No, that's Lancelot.
  • "The Song That Goes Like This." Each time the Lady of the Lake and Galahad try to bring the song to a close, the key just modulates again. By the final chorus, they're screaming "Oh, GODDAMMIT!" at the orchestra.
  • The battle between King Arthur and the Black Knight is 100% pure hilarity.
    • "It's only a flesh wound!"
    • "You stupid bastard, you've got no arms!"
    • In the touring production, at least, they distract the audience from setting up the "legless" special effect by having a man come on asking for "a'msnote  for the poor"
  • In "You Won't Succeed on Broadway", Sir Robin, his Minstrels and the Knight Chorus re-enact the Bottle Dance scene from Fiddler on the Roof... with grails on their heads. Robin's first mention of "if we don't have any Jews" is usually met with a full minute of laughter as well.