Funny: Space Stars

  • The Reveal that Moleculad was posing as the Princess that Uglor just tried to marry.
  • Space Ghost could deliver some wonderful Deadpan Snarker moments. In one instance, Jace had just commented to Blip that he was a much better astro-navigator than his sister, only to have a near miss with a comet. Space Ghost's reaction?
    Space Ghost: Jace, how many times do I have to tell you, don't play chicken with the comets.
  • After the Phantom Cruiser nearly crashed, Blip could be seen clinging in fear to a section of the bulkhead. Space Ghost reassured him.
    Space Ghost: Don't feel too bad, Blip. I was about to join you.
  • Electra's opinion of what it was like to read Uglor's mind? "Yuck!"
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