Funny / Space Jam

  • Larry Bird and Bill Murray's dry reaction to Jordan's disappearance.
    Larry: You think Michael's OK?
    Bill: I'm sure he's fine, I think he just had to get away from that Stan character.
    Larry: God, he's pathetic, isn't he?
    Bill: ...You know, Larry, I'm going to give us 2's back there, we weren't in any emotional state to putt.
    Larry: That's fair.
  • Jordan poses beside the golf hole that he gets the ball into so Stan can get a picture, and then gets lassoed into it into Looney Tunes Land.
    Bill: (very long beat) ...What kind of camera is that?
    Stan: (holds up camera) It's just a regular—
    Bill: (grabs the camera from Stan's hands) WOULD YOU NOT POINT THAT AT ME, PLEASE, AND CLOSE THE LENS?! (throws the camera away)
  • During the team roll call scene for the toons, nobody respects Daffy Duck, treating him the same way they do in the classic cartoons.
    Daffy: Thank you! Thank you! (cue cricket chirping) Very funny! Let's all laugh at the duck!
  • "But Mommy, I don't want to go to school today! I want to stay home and bake cookies with you!"
  • Granny's the team cheerleader! God, they must have been desperate!
    • On that note, Daffy passing the ball to Granny during the game and the Mon-Stars dog-piling her is darkly funny.
    Daffy to Lola: "She was wide open!"
  • For a scene without the Tunes, the talent-removed players undergo medical/psychiatrical exams. ("I've got other skills. I could go work on the farm. Or maybe I could go back to the jungle and be a missionary.")
    Charles Barkley: This girl...five-feet-nothing...blocked my shot!
    Psychiatrist: When did you first start having this dream?
    Barry White on the soundtrack: Maybe that's why he can't sleep at night.
    • The Psychiatrist asks Patrick Ewing if he is underperforming in other areas...
    Psychiatrist: Are there any other areas besides basketball where you find yourself...
    Barry White on the soundtrack: Yeah...
    Psychiatrist: ...unable to perform?
    Barry White: Yeah, yeah...
    Patrick Ewing (indignant): NO!
    Psychiatrist: I'm just asking.
  • The Self-Deprecation seance scene where the players visit a medium, she summarizes the movie's plot, and they refuse to believe it.
  • A much talked about (and memed) scene in the movie is often this:
    (Sylvester uses a fishing pole to remove the trousers off of one of the Mon-Stars)
    Lola: NICE BUTT!
  • The slapstick (that only cartoons can pull off) during the game is raw, unadulterated hilarity.
  • During the Nerdlucks landing with their spaceship.
    Pound (Orange): One small step for moi!
    Other Nerdlucks: MOI!
    Bang (Green): One giant leap for moron mountain!
    *Bang proceeds to plant flag right on Pound's foot.*
    Bugs (looking down at the injured Elmer): And one whopper headache for Elmer Fudd.
  • After Foghorn Legthorn gets blasted by a Mon-Star's fire breath:
    Foghorn: Did you order original recipe or extra crispy? *turns into pile of dust*
  • The sequence when Bugs and Daffy search Jordan's house for his gear. Daffy begins to search for the shorts. He opens a door and the shorts are in the jaws of a huge bulldog. Daffy slams the door shut.
  • The doctor and the basketball players (minus Barkley) are all walking through a hospital. They come to a doorway. The doctor and Muggsy Bogues pass through fine, but the other three tall-ass players all smack their heads on the top of the door frame and topple over like dominoes.
  • Bugs asking Jordan for help.
    Bugs: "We need your HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!"
    Michael Jordan: "Yeah, but I'm a baseball player now!"
    Bugs (sarcastically): "Right. And I'm a Shakespearean actor."
  • Bugs telling Jordan that Lola is "obviously nuts about [him]" becomes Hilarious in Hindsight when she was characterized as being yandere for Bugs in The Looney Tunes Show.
  • Stan worriedly calling into the hole after Michael after he gets sucked in is amusing. However, the odd camera angle looking up out of the hole at Wayne Knight's face makes the whole scene bizarrely hilarious.
    Adam: I love this shot.
    Merk: This is a great shot. This is art. This is pure art.