Funny / Sonic Unleashed

  • The intro brings us this gem.
    • Note: This image is not actually in the game.
  • When Sonic breaks the Fourth Wall.
    Sonic: Uh oh.
    (He turns to the camera)
    Sonic: Did I fall on him?
  • Amy does the "glomps somebody who she thinks is Sonic" gag again. The kicker? She's right, but doesn't realize it. Sonic's even taken aback since Amy doesn't recognize him as the Werehog.
  • The infamous E-rank music.
    "What, did the orchestra get hammered before recording?"
  • ALL of the unlockable videos that feature Sonic and Chip in various locales.
    • In Chun-Nan, the two partake in a chopstick fight for a single meat bun. Chip attempts to distract Sonic but the Hedgehog pretends to fall for it just to knock Chip off-guard by yanking the bowl containing the tasty treat. Both continue to wrestle the meat bun from one another in a series of extremely comical freeze frames until their chopsticks break and the bun is launched into the air in slow motion no less. Both Sonic and Chip leap for it but Chip is ultimately the victor. But then he lands head-first in an urn, which results in Sonic laughing his spiny ass off at Chip's misfortune as well as the audience.
    • In Adabat, both Sonic and Chip are enjoying drinking from coconuts by the sea. Chip asks for Sonic's, who gladly gives his to Chip. Who then drinks so deeply from the half-coconut that he gets his face firmly affixed to the inside of it. Sonic appears to look worried in a weirded-out kind of way until Chip succeeds in removing the coconut half from his face, which hits the palm tree the Hedgehog happens to be lying under. Unfortunately for Sonic, that half of a coconut bonks him right on his head. Poor Sonic only has a second to look upward when four more proceed to bonk him on the head. The look on Sonic's face as if he's had the sense knocked out of him.
    • In Holoska, the two are running/flying through snowfall when Chip drops to the floor, hungry. In a flashing lightbulb moment, he realizes that he has a bar of chocolate conveniently stashed away. But the Holoskan climate has frozen it so hard that poor Chip almost breaks his teeth on the candy, resulting in the poor little guy flying around screaming whilst Sonic inspects the candy, looking dumbfounded. He expresses shock when he taps the chocolate, which produces a comical sound akin to metal, proving how solidly frozen it is.
  • Feed Chip the canned horror. See what he says.
  • Professor Pickle's anger over the bad food his kidnappers gave him. Also Chip's interest while the professor tells how you properly prepare a cucumber sandwhich.
    Chip: I know I learned something here today.
  • Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for a Mazuri NPC. Eggman's demanding them to tell him the location of the Gaia Temple, and one of the kids immediately screams "We're not telling you anything!" and chucks a rock at the doctor, beaning him in the head. Even Orbot laughs his ass off. And the way he laughs too.
  • Sonic (as the Werehog) and Chip exit the Chun-Nan Gaia Temple when Chip pulls up short at the sight of the restored phoenix. Sonic bumps into him from behind, then casually flicks Chip out of the way with an exasperated look on his face. Then, as Sonic walks forward, Chip flies to catch up and bumps into Sonic from behind, and Sonic casually tries (and fails) to grab Chip with a look of irritation, all without breaking stride and while talking to the phoenix and the village elder.
  • Someone modded the game, replacing Sonic with Professor Pickle.
  • In one cutscene, Eggman thinks he lost Sonic only to have Sonic to appear right behind him making him surprised and asked the most stupidest question ever! "How did you get here so quickly?" Eggman asked Sonic. Duh, he's the fastest thing alive, Eggman! So much for having an IQ of 300.
  • Sonic's fighting style as a Werehog can dip into this, especially in the HD version. Although his attacks are very brutal in nature, you can't help but remember exactly who this guy is when you see him cartwheel his way into a group of enemies out of the blue, start chucking other enemies around at the rest like softballs and then finish everything off with a furious, slashing breakdance. All within the span of maybe ten seconds.
  • The Wii/PS2 version has its merits with the fact that if you fail to have Sonic spin dash at the start of a daytime stage (which grants him a free boost), he'll actually trip and fall over instead.
  • SA-55 Orbot. Let it sink in.