Funny / Sonic SatAM

Despite being the earliest dark and serious take on the Sonic series, Sonic SatAM does have its moments of comedy.

  • Ro-Becca. The whole flippin' episode. Words cannot describe it. But some of the greatest examples include:
    • Sonic and Rotor knocking down the door that Antoine was standing behind, causing him to be Squashed Flat.
    • Antoine out in the rain, complaining about how it has been a terrible day for him, and then yelling, "WHAT ELSE COULD HAPPEN???" Only to be struck by lightning immediately afterwards, and then shooting up in the air, wailing like a dying cat. He then lands right in Ro-Becca's arms.
    • Ro-Becca giving Antoine a massage. Made especially hilarious by how wrong it looks...
  • In one of the Season 1 episodes, Rotor claims that he is working on a big project...but by the end of the episode, we find out that he was only screwing in a lightbulb.
  • Tails' Potty Emergency in the pilot episode, Head or Tails. Seeing him shaking up and down having to pee really badly is both funny and adorable at the same time.
  • "Spyhog": Snively tortures Antoine by making escargot... with... ''MARGARINE!''
  • Robotnik gets one when Sonic pretends to "surrender" in episode 15. After Sonic explains that he can't take the stress anymore, Robotnik gives this gem: "Oh please. Something's rotten in Topeka...wherever that is."
  • Naugus morphing Robotnik's head in The Void. Made all the more funnier with Snively laughing about it and the fact that Jim Cummings did all of the animal sounds made by Robotnik.
  • Listen to Sonic's "love" poem to Sally in "Warp Sonic".
  • Sonic and Nicole's friendship is hilarious. He often becomes exasperated with her technobabble-filled explanations, giving her the indication to speak in short term. It eventually evolves into Nicole speaking in slang to Sonic whenever they chat, much to Sally's irritation - (Nicole: "Sonic, my main hedgehog, wattup?" Sally: "I hate when she talks like that").
    • When talking to Sonic, she starts sounding almost like a proto-GLaDOS
  • Antoine's attempt to learn martial arts from Bunnie. He tries to kick a dummy of Robotnik, but ends up throwing it through Sonic's window. Sonic angrily throws it back out at Antoine, who tries again, only to be bounced off it and flies through Sonic's window himself. Sonic then throws Antoine out the house.
    • Even better: he was outclassed by Tails. Y'know, the ten-year old.
  • In "Sonic and Sally", when the Robot!Sally is robotised again (yes, apparently they can do that), while the real Sally is being taken home by Sonic. The dialogue is absolutely priceless.
    (Sonic and Sally on intercom to Robotnik.)
    Sonic: You were close, Robotnik, but close only counts in horseshoes.
    Sally: Have a dreadful day.
    (Sonic whips out a power ring, and the two lovebirds are away. Then, Snively appears on another screen)
    Snively: The princess is robotised, sir, but there seem to be some glitches.
    (Robot!Sally is shooting lasers at everything in sight!)
    Robotnik: You fool! Get that off of...
    (Robot!Sally shoots a laser at the screens with Robotnik on them, causing them and other screens to break.)
    • Sonic impersonating Robotnik's voice with a glass.
    Sonic: Open cell number 54!
    Computer: Voice print approved. Hand print necessary for certification.
    Sonic: Open this cell or Iíll rip out your electronic brain!
    Computer: Certification unnecessary. You are Robotnik.
  • Dulcy crashing into a tree in Game Guy. It may have been done many times before, but there is something about it that makes you laugh off your chair.
  • Sonic and Sally's conversation about Lazaar's computer in "Super Sonic".
    Sonic: Come on, Sal! Lazaar's magic spells could really help us kick some Robotnik tail!
    Sally: But you might wake Lazaar.
    Sonic: Mwah? Faster than lightning, quieter than a mouse. I'm there and back before you know I'm even gone!
    Sally: Will you be serious for a minute?
    Sonic: (looks at his watch) Thirty seconds is my limit.
    Sally: (through Sonic's whistling) Someday, you'll realize that speed is no substitute for common sense-
    Sonic: Time's up!
    Sally: (rolls eyes)
    Sonic: Snooze, you lose. Gotta cruise!
    Sally: Be careful, Sonic!
    Sonic: (speeds off) It's magic time!
    Sally: (shakes head and sighs) Boys...
    • Right after Sonic's personal encounter with Lazaar.
    Sonic: Why does everything have to be so DIFFICULT?
  • "Drood Henge" has the touching scene of Sally allowing to Tails to accompany Sonic on the mission, accepting the fact that he's growing up. She tells Dulcy to get going...but she's still crying over the previous scene. Sally's reaction just screams, "Oh, for crying out loud". Mother of Dragons, Sally is not.
  • Snively gets one in "The Doomsday Project." Robotnik doesn't let him in his emergency escape pod once things take a turn for the worse. That's okay, because Snively prepared ahead of time and had an underground bunker ready for a time like this. Robotnik's escape attempt ultimately failed. Snively's SUCCEEDED.
    Snively: You don't give me enough credit- JULIAN."