For funny things in other Sonic games, go [[Funny/SonicTheHedgehog here]].

* Knuckles' eyes rolling around in his head when Tails [[TechnoBabble tries to explain how Extreme Gear works.]]
* Later, we have Wave explaining Jet the responsibilities of being a leader...Jet only hears [[BlahBlahBlah an audio clip in Japanese being sped up to ridiculous degrees.]]
* Many of the attacks you can perform on other players (or vice versa) are quite funny.
* In Team Dark's story in ''Free Riders,'' E-10000B briefly takes Omochao's place after one race. Omochao does not take it kindly.
--> '''E-10000B:''' ''[[MotorMouth Well folks, it's an amazing victory for Team Dark which is no surprise to anyone with a brain!]]''
* Eggman [[spoiler:fainting after finding out the treasure of Babylon is a rug and not the typical exploitable source of energy he usually goes for. It's actually a prototype Extreme Gear, but he fainted before that explanation came about.]]
* In ''Zero Gravity'', Wave does a bit of foreshadowing while Jet and Storm listen. When they bring their attention back to the Arks of the Cosmos they just got? [[spoiler:Eggman somehow stole them both from right in front of Storm and Jet and already began running away without anyone noticing until he flew by the window.]]
** Jet's face during that part of cutscene is priceless. The second he realizes that [[spoiler:the Arks of the Cosmos are gone]], he goes wide-eyed and his beak opens up in a huge JawDrop, along with his body twitching uncontrollably. While this is during a serious scene, the look on his face makes him look ''a lot'' like a duck.