Funny / Sonic Riders

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  • Knuckles' eyes rolling around in his head when Tails tries to explain how Extreme Gear works.
  • Later, we have Wave explaining Jet the responsibilities of being a leader...Jet only hears an audio clip in Japanese being sped up to ridiculous degrees.
  • Many of the attacks you can perform on other players (or vice versa) are quite funny.
  • In Team Dark's story in Free Riders, E-10000B briefly takes Omochao's place after one race. Omochao does not take it kindly.
    • Made even funnier since Metal Sonic is posing as E-10000B. So yes, that was Metal saying that.
  • Eggman fainting after finding out the treasure of Babylon is a rug and not the typical exploitable source of energy he usually goes for. It's actually a prototype Extreme Gear, but he fainted before that explanation came about.
    Dr. Eggman: It's amazing! The carpet's rich texture is a sight to behold! And the way it feels is extraordinary! Something such as this could only have been created in Babylon! Undoubtedly, this carpet will be in high demand from all around the world! But...but...what is this? No way... I went to the trouble of holding the World Grand Prix for...for this?! I...I can't believe I wasted my time for this piece of junk! (faints)
  • At the end of the Heroes story, Sonic defeats Eggman, who was holding Amy hostage with him, by directly striking him with a tornado-like attack, blowing away both Eggman and Amy. Needless to say, after Team Babylon leaves, Sonic is left to contend with a very furious Amy.
  • In Zero Gravity, Wave does a bit of foreshadowing while Jet and Storm listen. When they bring their attention back to the Arks of the Cosmos they just got? Eggman somehow stole them both from right in front of Storm and Jet and already began running away without anyone noticing until he flew by the window.
    • Jet's face during that part of cutscene is priceless. The second he realizes that the Arks of the Cosmos are gone, he goes wide-eyed and his beak opens up in a huge Jaw Drop, along with his body twitching uncontrollably. While this is during a serious scene, the look on his face makes him look a lot like a duck.
  • In Zero Gravity, Sonic and Jet fly into the computer room and both knock Eggman back at the same time. Then, Knuckles casually comes in after them with Wave and Tails, and this happens:
    Knuckles: What went flying just now?
    Eggman: Do I look like a ball to you?