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Funny: Snoopy Come Home
  • Woodstock's "flying". He wasn't a very good flyer even in the strips, but seeing it in motion is just hilarious. He twirls and even flies upside down as if he's constantly off-balance.
    • Snoopy and Woodstock come to a sidewalk grate. Snoopy is big enough to walk across it, but Woodstock, fearing falling in, decides to walk up and down every metal bar, which takes him about a minute long while Snoopy waits for him on the other side. When he attempts to do it again at a second grate, Snoopy just carries him across.
  • Charlie Brown faints at the news about who Lila is. Several times. ...before Linus tells him the news!
    Linus: Are you ready for a shock?
    *Charlie Brown promptly faints*
    Linus: He wasn't ready for a shock.
  • After spending the night in a nest with Woodstock, Snoopy's alarm clock wakes him up and he whacks it. This causes a sleeping Woodstock to randomly burst into laughter...until Snoopy whacks him too.
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