Funny: SlimKirby

  • In his Majora's Mask LP, at the end of the Anju/Kafei subplot, he decides to stay with Anju and keep her company while she's waiting for Kafei. The ensuing Time-Compression Montage is one of the most random (and hilarious) scenes of his career (starts at 3:35).
  • "Now that Baby Bowser sees us, he is going to want to ride us because he is a baby and he wants to ride donkeys and horsies.
  • Forgetting that blue Pikmin can't go through fire, SlimKirby confidently leads them through pillars of fire.
  • One time Slim (As Mario) was facing Luigi in a Mario Party 3 battle board. Luigi hits him once on an attack with double enhanced goombas for three damage, only for him to hit a reverse and finish off Slim in one turn from full health.
  • Several, a lot of them compiled in his 3 year anniversary videos.
    • "Hello everyone, Smithy here. Last time, Mario and his puny ant friends entered my factory, so I hit them with a giant hammer!"
  • Any of his Fuzzy-induced rambles in his SMW2 LP, particularly the one in Level 4-1.
  • Also, SlimKirby sings. Whether it's his song for Drake, Mario Party 5 boards, or even Princess Peach, he can sing.
  • The beginning of his Wii Party play through, he's not wearing his Wii wrist strap. Then it cuts to five years of prison and two years of probation later.
    • Later in the same video, he mentions that he will be playing with only one human player since no one is around, except for his imaginary friends.
  • "Do not jump the gun. Do it twice, and it's a Dairy Queen (DQ)... I mean disqualification.
  • Imitating a noisy dorm neighbor: "I'M MAKING A PIZZA!"
  • "I tried to make a joke, but then realized I'm not funny."
  • Things get tense during Balance Boat, so he starts saying "eep" over and over, in his usual deadpan voice.
  • Episode 2 of his Super Mario RPG replay, Slim starts spending time with the toad citizens in the Mushroom Kingdom and saying funny things to them.
  • Slim plays the original Kirby's Dream Land, which is a game that can be beaten in less than half an hour. Over the credits he starts reflecting on the project in Sarcasm Mode.
  • Anything to do with Madame Wario's cat, Gooba (or known in the livestream, Goobatron).
    • It was also joked that Gooba is a drug crimelord. It doesn't help that some police cars passed Madame Wario's house.
  • One of Slim's friends constant attempts to get Slim to turn off the game during the final boss.
  • Slim plays the hard version of Kirby's Dream Land and it annoys him. The funniest of these funny moments is when he's tired of Gordos everywhere and does a sarcastic pitch for a Kirby ROM Hack where it's pretty much the same game, but with Gordos everywhere.
  • Video Game Logic
    • Stuff Logic
  • His What an Idiot moment (lampshaded) when he jumps right into Whispy Wood's attack and dies from it.
  • Thanks to the setting of Super Mario RPG's Final Boss, New Dimension, Slim announce this at the start of the final phase:
    "...And now we're in Hell!"
  • Olimar runs around in circles in Cavernous Abyss, then Slim decides to make up a song about it.
  • Blaine uses a Super Potion on his Rapidash... while it has full health. Pokemon Trainer Rob comments that Blaine should retire from being a gym leader for doing something that stupid.
  • In Pokemon Blue Kazio, SK decides to catch a Geodude for later use, and goes to check out its moveset. It only knows Self-Destruct.
    ... I have no words.
  • During The Simpsons: Hit & Run LP, he hosts a vote for what costume the character will wear for the entirety of the level (if a costume isn't required for certain missions). The reveal for Level 1 (Homer) was... Casual (read: under)wear, cue him calling out his audience for the fact it was 75% of the votes
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