Funny / Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

  • When Angela decides to kill the Texan truck driver, she gives a little sigh of exasperation (as the woman has managed to push pretty much all of her buttons at once) right before she kills her.
  • "Let this be a lesson to you. Say no to drugs." Said right before lighting a drug addict on fire.
  • When the counselors are playing a round of Horror Bowls with the campers (you know, peeled grapes are 'eyeballs', pasta is 'guts', etc. etc.) Angela's bowl? Dead teenager's brains.
    • Made better by the Sincerity Mode ("Angela, what's really in there?" "Dead teenager's brains.") and the utterly deadpan way in which Angela says it.
  • "What are you looking for, a gun?" "No. A drill."