* This exchange between Sakuragi and Coach Anzai:
-->'''Sakuragi''' (was tied up): ''Hey, old man! This is the second half already!''\\
'''Anzai''': ''[[NoblewomansLaugh Ohohohohoho...]]''\\
'''Sakuragi''': ''When is it my turn to play!?''\\
'''Anzai''': ''[[NoblewomansLaugh Ohohohohoho...]]''\\
'''Sakuragi''': ''Am I really this team's secret weapon?''\\
'''Anzai''': ''[[NoblewomansLaugh Ohohohohoho...]]''\\
'''Sakuragi''': '''''OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO''', THAT'S ALL YOU SAY!?'''
** The rest of the team also comments "When is he going to stop falling for the 'secret weapon' lie?"
* When Anzai temporarily [[spoiler: reverts back to his "Devil Coach" days,]] and then goes back to being all smiley peaceful-like. The entire bench plus Sakuragi rubs their eyes, unsure if it was a hallucination.
* How to forget Sakuragi's botched dunk attempt before the match against Sannoh (that is, during the half time of a Kainan match that served as their preliminary)?
* The moments in chapter 20 when Sakuragi kept throwing balls at Rukawa as he tried to go up for a lay up hilarious, especially when he kept saying "It slipped". Double so when Rukawa threw a ball back at him, citing the same excuse. This of course lead to Sakuragi dumping the whole box of balls at him, saying "His whole body slipped". Bonus points for the ball's basket get thrown onto Akagi's head, making him look like a literal ''caged gorilla''. Even better when Sakuragi openly says so, and then Akagi gets so pissed he beats up ''both'' Sakuragi and Rukawa. It's also a CallBack moment when Sawatika goes for an impressive dunk to "introduce" himself during the pre-match practice session, only for his attempt to be interrupted by [[TheCaptain Akagi]] and [[TheStoic Rukawa,]] who ''both'' threw balls at him and said "Oops."
* ''Head Dunk.'' It doubles as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome...!! Genius Hanamichi, mighty is he!! (no sarcasm intended)
* The ''training camp'' section. Takes the cake when Akagi found out Sakuragi drew whiskers on his face while he sleeps, which was made ''even funnier'' in the anime.
** The whole part about how Sakuragi, Rukawa, Mitsui and Miyagi were in danger of failing more than three subjects [[spoiler: and being banned from playing in the National Interhigh Tournament.]]
** The part where Akagi forces the four of them to beg the principal for another chance is funny. It's even funnier when '''''Aota''''' shows up too.
* How Miyagi and Sakuragi [[DynamicEntry met]] [[ImagineSpot in]] [[GoodoldFisticuffs school]]. And then when [[ButtMonkey they]] [[CasanovaWannabe finally found]] [[ASharedSuffering something to bond over.]] Seriously, it has to be seen to be believed.
* The beginning, when Sakuragi got so overly sensitive with the word 'Basketball' he started headbutting ANYONE who utters words similar to 'Basketball'.
* Aota sharing his past when he was Akagi's ButtMonkey (with Akagi from the outside kinda 'confirming' the claims), culminating in both he and Sakuragi declaring "HOW CAN SOMEONE LIKE HIM HAS A CUTE LITTLE SISTER LIKE HARUKO!!!". Cue outside, Kogure is restraining Akagi from coming over and kicking their asses.
** Young Akagi's comments, while quite a {{Jerkass}} comment came off hilarious too.
-->'''Young Aota''': Hey, Akagi! Wanna join Judo? It's pretty fun! You can be strong too!
-->'''Young Akagi''': Heck no, it's ugly.
-->''Later, during a height check, Aota found out he's the tallest while sitting, Akagi the tallest while standing''
-->'''Young Akagi''': There we go! Your legs were so short because you play judo!
** Even funnier when Aouta tells this to Sakuragi, with Kogure and Akagi eavesdropping.
--->'''Kogure''': What, you really said ''that''? You were really mean.
--->'''Akagi''': [trying to look nonchalant] ... Did I?!
* Speaking of Aota, his reaction [[RunningGag whenever]] he sees Sakuragi doing [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome something unexpected]].
--> *Sakuragi jumps and performs an amazing dunk*
--> '''Aota:''' I knew it, he was made for judo.
--> '''Sakuragi's Gang:''' What has jumping got to do with judo?!
%%* In the match against Sannoh, the '''''mug shot'''''.
* "Raise your butts one and a half centimeters!"
--> '''Kogure:''' Are we seriously doing this here?!
* In both of the BigDamnHeroes moments of Sakuragi's Gang, Takamiya ends up spoiling them when trying to make a [[DynamicEntry grand entrance]] and just [[EpicFail making a fool of himself.]] For good measure, ''both'' times he lands on Sakuragi himself!
* Faced with the Shoyo's overwhelming large amount of supporters, Sakuragi's gang tries their best to cheer louder by using empty 1.5 litre soda bottles as cheerleading noisemakers. Problem is, they aren't empty ....
--> *stares at the full soda bottles.*
--> '''Sakuragi's Gang''': Bottoms up! ''[they begin chugging]''
* Kawata's reaction when he sees [[TheRival Uozumi]]:
--> '''Kawata:''' Whoa that guy is big. [[WhatAnIdiot Is he Akagi's father?]]
* Sakuragi shaves his head. Sakuragi's gang promptly begins selling tickets for all those who want to see.
** Even funnier when Haruko shows up [[CutenessProximity and is so thrilled that she touches Sakuragi's shaved hair while almost cooing.]] It's as if she was petting a kitten!
* [[DoggedNiceGuy Miyagi]] whenever he gets near Ayako.
* "SENSEI IS NOT DEAD YET!!!" (Context: Coach Anzai was temporarily sidelined with a heart attack, so team Shokoku put a picture of him on the sidelines and treat it like a ShrineToTheFallen. This pisses Sakuragi off.)
* In the very first volume, Akagi challenges Sakuragi to a basketball match because he overheard Sakuragi insulting basketball:
** Starts off with how Sakuragi remembering his sweet encounter with Haruko (who lashed out at him for beating Rukawa formerly), while crying and Akagi looking at him funny because he just explained the rules of basketball to him.
** Sakuragi thinking ''basketball'' is just like ''soccer''. He attempts to steal the ball from Akagi by tackling him like how you would do it in soccer.
** Sakuragi, in an attempt to stop Akagi from shooting, trips and pulls down ''Akagi's pants'', leaving him with his ass exposed '''to nearly the entire school'''. Poor Akagi is understandably embarrassed and pissed.
** Haruko comparing Akagi from the day before where he's looking forward to meeting Sakuragi... and present day Akagi yelling at Sakuragi and claiming that if this was an era of war, he was going to cut his head off.
** Sakuragi NOT dribbling the ball.
** Kogure remembering that in the previous championship, Akagi was feared like a God... but then because he's surrounded with weak players like them, Shohoku couldn't even win the first match. Cue Kogure and the rest of the basketball team crying.
* When the jubilant Shohoku basketball team visits Anzai [[spoiler: in the hospital, having won the last remaining seat to the Interhigh Championships from Ryonan]], they happily throw their coach into the air while a nurse is hysterically screaming for them to put him down immediately in the background. Even the uptight Akagi and TheStoic Rukawa were joining in!
* During the Mitsui arc, in what would be a MoodWhiplash of the serious tone, Kogure recalled that Akagi wasn't born a star player, back in the freshman days, he actually ''sucked'' (at free throws, but the manga adds up that he's not a very good dribbler either) except at dunking, to the surprise of both Sakuragi and Rukawa. Akagi scolds Kogure by holding him on the collar and telling him to stop being overdetailed the first time. In the manga, the second time Kogure slipped up, Akagi let it be. In the anime, Akagi got so pissed he ''transformed into King Kong climbing a skyscrapper and swinging Kogure at hand while scolding him''.
* Before the final Shohoku vs Ryonan match, Coach Taoka daydreams on how his 'dream team' was unattained (despite being satisfied with the current team): Two years ago he scouted for Mitsui, but got turned down because the latter's indebted with Anzai. The next year, he scouted for Miyagi, but again, turned down because the latter's indebted with Anzai. The next year (near present), he scouted for Rukawa, and got turned down again. Taoka freaked out, wondering if Rukawa was indebted with Anzai again. Rukawa then gave his real reason: ''Because Shohoku is near his home''. Cue Taoka {{Face Fault}}ing for the third failure.
* Exclusively in the manga, there's one moment of funny combined with MoodWhiplash when Haruko reveals that she has a crush on Rukawa. A heartbroken Sakuragi walks away with sad music suddenly playing out of nowhere to portray his broken heart. In the anime, it jumps right into Hotta's gang challenging Sakuragi in the middle of the class. In the manga, though, it suddenly cuts into a FourthWallMailSlot where the AuthorAvatar Mr. P jokingly held a contest of 'Sad broken heart song for Sakuragi' and accepting submission, only to be headbutted by a furious Sakuragi. In the next volume, ''[[BrickJoke turns out readers took up the offer]]''.
* Haruko earlier has several hilarious HypocriticalHumor when she complains on how rude the Rukawa fangirls are towards Sakuragi and swears that she'll not sink down to their levels... only to join them in cheering for Rukawa.
* One of the biggest crowners during the Shohoku vs. Ryonan match in the finals, when Sakuragi accidentally ends up scoring in ''Shohoku's basket''. If it's not enough that everyone makes fun of him, Sendoh and Fukuda's remarks just add insult to injury:
--> '''Sendoh''': ''(smiling)'' Thanks.
--> '''Fukuda''': ''(deadpan)'' Deep down you're a good guy.