Funny / Skyland

  • Any moment where Mahad attempts to kiss Dahlia
    • Although, they had an Almost Kiss in Eye of The Storm.
  • In the episode Mogura, this exchange is a bit of a small example when Lena is communicating with Mahad through somewhat of a video-technology that Chen manages to operate.
    Mahad: (shows up and waves to Lena)
    Lena: (jokingly) Ahh! A monster!
    Mahad: Haha, very funny.
  • Another small example: in the episode Mutiny, Dahlia and Mahad are on the ship surrounded by the brigs and they have no choice but to swing under a railing and land on the ship's balcony. Dahlia lands on her feet. Mahad? Not really.
  • And then here comes this exchange in the ending of Eye of the Storm:
    Cortes: You and the kid make a good team.
    Mahad: Ha! I'm not taking any girls with me anymore. All they wanna do is flirt and kiss me! It's impossible to fly under those conditions!
    Cortes: Dahlia, don't throw him overboard. I need all hands on deck today. Are ya waiting until tomorrow?
    Dahlia: I'll be counting down the minutes!
    (cue Dahlia chasing Mahad)