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Funny: Sky High
  • The "audition" scene is both a moment in funny and a Downer Moment depending on how you look at it.
    • "Remember when we used to use real citizens?"
    • Will having a freaking car dropped on him when Coach Boomer assumes he has super strength like his father.
      Will (from under the car): ARE YOU INSANE?!
  • When Will's dad gets so mad he crushes the phone he's trying to dial, and then reveals he has a a drawer full of replacement phones, indicating that this happens all the time.
  • When Will is thrown out the window by Royal Pain, only to rise back into frame:
    Will: "Surprised? *Beat* So am I."
    • Though it's really more like a moment of awesome.
  • When the school's falling and Zach is screaming "Hold me! Hold me!".
  • Zach and Ethan taking turns screaming down the vents at Magenta.
  • Layla sits down at the table with Warren, where he usually sits alone, to discuss something with him. Then the rest of the gang (minus Will) assumes its safe and sits down with them. The look on Warren's face as he tries to figure out how the situation is slipping rapidly out of his control is some of the best in the movie.
  • "'Sonic Boom?' More like 'Gym Teacher Man!'"
  • While watching Will get an Xbox from his dad, Stitches starts to complain about how they don't have an Xbox.
  • The Strongholds after they find out Will doesn't have any powers.
    Jetstream: We can't change who he is... not without dropping him in a vat of toxic waste.
    Beat while the Commander gets an idea.
    Jetstream: Steve.
    Commander: I wasn't going to...where would I even find a vat of...
    Jetstream: Steve!
  • The fortune cookie joke, made even funnier by the legions of misaimed fangirls that insist the scene was a straight usage of an "inspirational" quote.
  • Patrick Warburton, owner of quite possibly the most Rated M for Manly voice in human history, insisting that he's a girl.
    • Just the fact that Gwen has revealed herself to be the Big Bad, has taken most of the student body hostage, and The Commander's first instinct is to be shocked that his arch-enemy is a girl.
  • Royal Pain and Stitches trying to figure out the baby car seats.
  • Royal Pain in Detention.
    Royal Pain: I went through puberty twice... for this?!
  • The poor Himmermans screaming their heads off when the school is falling and is about to land on their new house. And when Will manages to catch it and bring it back to the sky, the husband - played by TOM KENNY, faints into hisnote  wife's arms.
    Wife: Chester? Chester?!
  • Stitches calling Royal Pain "Daddy's Little Girl" on account of him raising them. Royal Pain's reaction is golden:
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