Funny / Sit Down, Shut Up

  • The character introductions from the first episode, showing their name, subject and catchphrase.
    Larry: Subject: P.E. Catchphrase: "Can't someone else teach P.E?"
    Miracle: Cathcphrase: "Babies are gifts from God! Drummers are creeps."
    Stuart: Catchphrase: "I need a catchphrase" (especially funny because Stuart keeps dropping this line throughout the episode like an actual catchphrase)
  • Stuart Proszackian singing "Someone Sent You a Prison Clown" for Larry on "Miracles Are Real"
    Stuart: Ohhhhhh, someone sent you a prison clown, someone traded or bartered you a prison clown!
  • The meth cooking show manatee gag on "Math Lab."
  • The Long List of the various medications Willard has to take just to stay alive. One of them "keeps his kidneys on the inside".
    • In another episode, Andrew says that Willard only has one working kidney. Willard specifies that it's "working AGAINST him".
  • One episode revolves around Larry desperately trying to get the kids fit enough to pass the state's physical fitness standard, not helped by the fact that Willard accidentally made heart disease cool, leading to massive weight gain all around. However, it turns out that the state standard he's supposed to pass is Alabama's, and by their standards all the kids are well above average. One of them even manages to do a single push-up, which the enormously obese controller says is a 100% improvement from the previous year.