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  • Swagger goes to his dead spotter's widow, having remembered she was going to nursing school. She dropped out, but lacking a better option agrees to help him.
    Swagger: I stopped the bleeding temporarily. But it'll cut loose again. I held off the worst of the infection, but you're gonna have to open it up, cut out and scrub away anything that's dead, working your way out, sewing it together, and you gotta try to make sure you don't reinfect it. Are you ready for this?
    Sarah: [gives him a look of panic that screams "No of course I'm not ready!"]
  • The two sides arrange for a meet.
    Swagger: Where are we meeting?
    Johnson: Somewhere where I can see you coming from a god damned long way off.
  • Pretty much the entire scene involving Swagger and Memphis talking to Mr. Rate is this, but one particular line stands out:
    Rate: That's how a conspiracy works. Them boys on the grassy knoll were dead within three hours! Buried in unmarked graves in the damn desert, out past Terlingua.
    Memphis: And you know this for a fact?
    Rate: Still got the shovel!
    Memphis: (smirks)

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