Funny: Shokugeki no Soma

  • Right after Soma defeated the land sharks who targeted his restaurant and Soma is telling himself that he will defend his business at all costs... Jouichirou appears from nowhere announcing that he's closing the restaurant and sending him to a Boarding School.
    • It doesn't end there. Just as a dissapointed Soma is heading to the school, thinking that it's going to be just boring cooking classes with an old teacher, it turns out to be The Cooking School, with a graduating rate so low that only 10% of the students manage to survive, as he could see many depressed students just got expelled.
  • Soma's first day at the Polaris Dorm:
  • Tadokoro unsure of what to make of the sight of Soma shaking hands with a teary-eyed, almost-naked Isshiki.
  • Takumi's introduction. Just as he introduced himself by stepping on Soma's shoe, Takumi challenges Soma to a cooking contest during the assignment, requesting Hinako to act as a judge, only for her to flat out reject it and ruining Takumi's mojo. To make things more embarrassing for poor Takumi, Isami openly mocks him (which also earns shocked reactions from Soma and Megumi when they discover that Isami, being big and fat, is Takumi's younger twin brother).
  • After a competition between Soma and Takumi ends in a draw, Takumi pulls a "We Will Meet Again". Moments later, they're sitting next to each other on the bus.
    Soma: Hey, we meet again.
    Takumi: (visibly blushing) Shut up! Don't talk to me!
  • During the Surprise Egg challenge, one of the judges (Kyuusaku) tries Tadokoro's dish. At first he looks angry, then he asks this.
    Kyuusaku: Would you marry my grandson?
    Tadokoro: WHAT? No! Well... WHAT?
  • During the Kaarage arc, Soma asks Nikumi and his former classmate Mayu over to help investigate the rival kaarage stand. When the two girls meet, their mental monologues are definitely less than pleased at not getting to spend time with Soma alone. Soma's mental monologue... well, he gets that the situation is awkward but not exactly why.
  • The first half of Chapter 39 has the Polar Star students playing table tennis. During the match, a narrator box would occasionally pop up to remind readers "Shokugeki no Soma is a cooking manga".
  • The Don RS head cheering on Nikumi like he's her dad.
  • Kurase admitting she kind of likes Soma's bad dishes. And considering what those make her feel like...
  • The guys from Polar Star decide to do a party to celebrate the end of the first round of the Fall Classic, and they also invite the Aldini brothers and Ikumi. Obviously the three of them are wondering if they shouldn't be disturbed by Isshiki going around in a Naked Apron (not helped by the fact that the others are very used to this).
    • And to close the night, Isshiki appears also wearing a speedo.
    • The next morning, Soma and Megumi's reaction to Isshiki suited-up is priceless.
  • Chapter 62 opens with images of the 8 Fall Classic participants, with shots taken of each character looking badass during the preliminaries... except for Soma, whose picture is of when he dozed off in the middle of cooking.
  • Chapter 71: The sudden Jojo's Bizarre Adventure parody.
  • Soma goes to see Erina Nakiri for an opinion on his stew. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Erina has no basic skills for the most mundane things, like buying manga. Just getting her favorite manga is for as worth as lots of money.
  • When the Second Round starts in Chapter 85, Megumi notices how Hinako stares directly at her all the way across the stadium and notes to herself how cute Megumi is, continuing the dosis of Les Yay predatory approach from her.
    Hinako: (Thinking) Megumi-chan, you're looking as cute as always.
    Megumi: (Noticing her stares from across the hall) Eh... Our gazes are meeting...? From this distance?
  • Subaru Mimasaka stalking people. It's both creepy and hilarious.
  • Chapter 86: Soma nearly drowned himself when he was just washing his face, but he was to tired to do it.
    • Mimasaka hiding under Mitsuru's desk the whole time.
  • Chapter 93: After the announcement of the Finale of the Fall Classic results on a three-way between Hayama, Kurokiba and Soma, Ryou is seen angrily yelling at both Soma and Akira, until Alice removes his bandana and he suddenly becomes mellow once again. The funny part is Akira and Soma's reactions to the change.
  • Chapter 96: Soma suddenly approaches a blushing Ikumi, who wonders what's the important thing he has to ask her... only for Soma to ask her to teach him how to curate meat. Her dissapointment is noticeable.
    • Also all people in the audience's reaction when Soma awkwardly gets his fish out of the cooler, in contrast to how Badass Hayama and Kurokiba looked.
  • Chapter 97 continues what happened at the end of the previous chapter, incuding Soma grinning like a doofus and everyone's incredulous looks, including Hayama and Kurokiba's confused faces.
    • Kurokiba, still in his calm mode, even outright states how he would've reacted to this if his bandana were on:
      Kurokiba: If I were in berserk mode right now, I would have punched you.
    • Ikumi, Ryoko and Shun are worried about Soma's mystery technique used on his fish, and the three of them hope internally he didn't do any of his horrible experiments on it.
    • Then we finally meet Alice's mom, who at first looks tall, beautiful and stunning, only to introduce herself with very bad japanese. Some guys in the audience even comment that only she can make it sound charming.
  • Chapter 98:
    • Soma noticing that Kurokiba and Hayama are actually curious about his fish, right after both of them dismissed him. They can actually feel like Soma is an imp taunting them with fish.
    • The whole audience is impressed by how Doujima can sit so tranquil next to all the Nakiri's at the table.
    • In the Flashback, after meeting Ryou for the first time, Alice rushed to her mom requesting to have him as his assistant because Erina had one her age and she doesn't.
      • This is also crowned with a picture of Alice asking her mom to keep a stray dog on a box. Ryou is not amused by this.
  • In Chapter 103, there's a flashback from when Jun gave Akira his own room, which she decorated with Baby magazines as reference for an 8 year old boy.
  • Chapter 105 has many of them
    • Ikumi having formed a friendship with the Polaris girls.
      • Kanachi looks at Ikumi like a father sending his kid to her playmates' house.
      • The boys expecting them to do girly things while cooking, only to cut to Ikumi and Yuuki having a fierce and frenetic cook-off.
    • Soma visiting frequently Akira and Ryou.
      • Akira's place unwillingly becomes the gathering place.
      • Soma and Ryou still being Sore Losers days after the tournament was done.
      • Akira saying Jun should serve them the cheap snacks, with Ryou giving him an "I'm Standing Right Here".
      • Jun remembering being The Klutz during her student days. Soma actually guessed it right.
    • Hisako's reaction when Soma is revealed to be his coworker during the Stagiarie Week.
      • Also her depressed reaction with only hearing Erina's name.
  • In Chapter 109, Doujima trolls Shinomiya by proxy. Shinomiya is not amused.
  • In Chapter 114, after closing the restaurant and Koujirou let Soma participate in the design contest, Hinako almost blabbers in front of Professor Chapelle that they did an unnoficial Shokugeki at the Training Camp. While Fuyumi (while hitting Hinako against a wall), Sekimori and Donato denied it repeatedly to their teacher, Koujirou also started to grab Hinako by the head, while the other three agreed to blame it on Doujima if they got busted.

Betsubara (or Omakes or Print Bonus)

  • Takumi hiding in a corner deciding if step on Soma's foot.
  • Betsubara 1 has a section where Soma, Takumi and others discuss their casual clothes:
    • Soma wears a Hanten (equivalent of going around in pijamas during daytime) in his free time. Fumiou and Megumi picture him as a middle-age guy needing a cup of sake. Fumio then points out Jouichirou used to do the same while Gin lectured him about keeping a good image as an Council of Ten Masters member.
    • Takumi shows he is a fashionista himself and gets annoyed when he sees Soma's "lack of fashion sense", emphasizing how much of a Generation Xerox those two are to Gin and Jouichirou.
    • Ikumi shows up in a biker jacket saying Kanachi made her use it. Once Soma compliments the look on her, Ikumi says she's going to wear it more often.
    • Takumi and Soma's reaction when they see Isshiki's abbility to quickly switch from his regular clothes to his fundoshi with just walking behind a tree. Megumi, however, is used to this and treats it like an everyday normal quirk from him.