''VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIV'' does have its share of funny stuff among the EldritchAbomination of monsters and NightmareFuel log.

* Many relics, being everyday items from Tokyo, leave our heroes from the much less advanced kingdom of Mikado confounded, judging from their descriptions.
** Skateboard - A dangerous stepladder.
** Yoga Mat - A squishy carpet.
** Toothpaste - Mud that tastes like mint.
** Electric Brush - Could it be a very short riding crop?
** BBQ Stove - It seems like an unreliable bookrest.
** Bondage Suit - It reminds you of the Black Samurai.
** Shampoo - A sticky kind of perfume.
** Women's Toy - [[VisibleSilence ......]]
*** It's worth noting that things like the Women's Toy and Adult [=DVDs=] are among the most expensive things to sell.
*** It's humorously bizarre that, despite your character being unfamiliar with and misidentifying almost all of the various relics, the Women's Toy is met with knowing silence.
*** A hilarious combination is bringing the Women's Toy and the Battery in one trip.
* Someone at Atlus USA seems to be fond of [[Film/TheWickerMan2006 unintentionally hilarious movies]]. Here's a line from the Compendium's description of Wicker Man:
-->Some tales describe passersby stumbling across the remains, wondering how they got burned.
* The description of the Zombie Cop describes how it enacts deadly force on any human being now that it's undead, as opposed to only when the situation called for it while it was alive. It adds that "threats of increased paperwork, pay cuts, or disciplinary action are all useless, [[Main/ComicallyMissingThePoint as they are no longer government employees]]."
** If the Zombie Cop initiates a conversation (meaning that he's the last demon left on the field and wants mercy), he'll ask, "You don't want to become a CopKiller, do you?"
* Believe it or not, the ''game over sequence'' is actually pretty humorous. The afterlife turns out to have quite the queue, and Charon basically tells you, in the most [[DeadpanSnarker deadpan]] voice imaginable, to take a number and wait to be called. The last words you hear before seeing the GameOver screen is him complaining about how huge the queue is.
--> '''Charon:''' "Now then, what number was I at? Whew...honestly, this is going to take ''forever'' to settle!"
** In fact, there's ''so many'' numbers that Charon actually ''sells continues'' just so he isn't so overworked.
** Another humorous moment is if you keep refusing to pay, which then he will panic and command the jailer to throw you on a mountain for eternity.
** The absolute {{Narm}} of Charon offering to bring you back from the dead for a bribe... of ''Play Coins''.
* Mundane activities such as "To the Roof" being put under Quests.
* (Your) Burroughs excited to tell the other Burroughs that you're becoming the best Samurai from your generation.
* Walter teasing Jonathan that he goes to the bakery to get hooked up with girls.
** Walter asking for fresh-baked loaves that are "still kicking". The baker responds by saying that [[LiteralMinded he doesn't know of any bread that kicks]].
* Normally, Isabeau is always stoic, but when she discovers [[spoiler:a certain manga set in "a fictional country known as France" (said manga is strongly hinted to be ''Manga/RoseOfVersailles'')]], she briefly [[spoiler:becomes some sort of excited {{Otaku}}]].
** Later on, after the group [[spoiler:manages to corner the Black Samurai, she decides to mess with Isabeau by spoiling what happens at the very end of the manga. Isabeau's reaction is hilarious]].
--->'''Isabeau:''' [[ICantHearYou Tralalaa! I'm afraid I can't hear you!]]\\
'''Walter:''' ''[[FunnyBackgroundEvent [makes "are you fucking kidding me" face]]]''
** Unfortunately, her [[spoiler:manga obsession]] stops being funny in the Law path, when [[spoiler:Merkabah uses it as an excuse to justify mowing her down.]]
* Nozomi constantly complaining about [[spoiler:all three times she gets swallowed by demons in her third Challenge Quest]].
* After the group's adventure in [[spoiler:Tayama's facility]], they are faced with [[spoiler:Yasomagatsuhi, who intoxicates them with a sweet-smelling scent that causes them to, in simple terms, get drunk. Walter declares his [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes icthyophobia]] in a very hilarious manner, Jonathan announces that [[MindScrew he's a cat and starts making cat imitations]] and Isabeau complains about seeing demons everywhere and eventually leaves with the guys. Finally, you lose consciousness... and when you wake up, you are alluded by Jonathan that [[NoodleIncident you took off your pants and did something with your nose]]. He is then interrupted by a flustered Isabeau before he could continue]].
-->'''Walter:''' Yeah...I'm Walter. I'm the son of a fisherman...But I'm scared of fish! I must go tell everyone! ''[giggles, then runs off]''\\
'''Isabeau:''' ...[[FlatWhat What...?]]\\
'''Jonathan:''' How cowardly of you, dashing off without me! Then I'll admit something as well...In all candor...I am a cat! Meee-owwww! This floor is so deliciously warm! ''[lies down]''\\
'''Isabeau:''' "Wh...What is happening? Is this the work of that demon...? Ugh...it's always like this! Demons here, demons there, demons, demons, demons...! It's all so...demoning...! ''[bows to the PC and runs off]''
** Yaso Magatsuhi himself. He speaks in PokemonSpeak even as he threatens to kick your ass when [[spoiler:you face him again as a BonusBoss.]]
* Sometimes when you try to convince male demons to come with you by saying that they'll meet girls, ''they accuse you of being a pimp and [[EvenEvilHasStandards call for the police.]]''
** Unintentionally funny with the Hooligan, who [[FridgeLogic logically]] shouldn't even care about the police.
* When a demon that has the "Data" personality (speaks entirely in binary-like gibberish) initiates Demon Whisper, Flynn's response when he's finished is a confused, "...Yes?"
* During Hikaru's first appearance, she tells the group that she's "interested in them". While the next line is Isabeau's, behind her is Walter, [[FunnyBackGroundEvent giving a dazed, blushing look of excitement.]]
* The defeat of Peallaidh leaves behind his head... which gets tossed around round-robin due to how damn horrible it smells. Isabeau is the first to pick it up, before handing it over to Jonathan. Jonathan quickly gives it to Walter, who makes a crack about Jonathan and Isabeau being squeamish and touts the head as a trophy... before getting hit by the smell and giving it to you. The game's message log even announces each character "obtaining" the head in turn, as if they were receiving a plot-critical item you would normally get.
* [[spoiler:Pluto completely malfunctioning]] when you defeat it, it usual MachineMonotone turning into something halfway between a crashing program and ''dubstep'' (with a bit of WebAnimation/YoutubePoop too).
-->'''[[spoiler:Pluto:]]''' [[FamousLastWords I AM... A TOOL OF THE LORD... DES]]'''''[[FamousLastWords TROY]]'''''[[FamousLastWords ING... ME-E-E-E-E-E... IS... BLASPHEMY... DiIiIE... DiiIiIiIieEe... DDDddDdDiIiIIeEe...]]
** About halfway through the fight, [[spoiler:Pluto]] condemns the heroes and commands them to repair its functions, which results in Walter snidely replying and Jonathan misunderstanding and replying sincerely.
--->'''Walter:''' Sorry, but I think not.\\
'''Jonathan:''' [[ComicallyMissingThePoint We are not very knowledgeable about mechanics, after all.]]
** [[spoiler:Pluto itself]] is an entity of funny, as it's basically [[spoiler:a fanatically deranged [[Series/DoctorWho Dalek]].]]
--->'''[[spoiler:Pluto]]:''' OBLITERATE. OBLITERATE. IN THE LORD'S NAME...
* Walter trying to demand entry to a members' only bar. The guard who keeps him away [[WelcomeToCorneria repeatedly asks,]] "[[PlotCoupon Proof of membership?]]"
** And then the moment you arrive and show the guard the proof, he apologizes in the most deadpan possible manner and lets you pass without another word. Walter's reaction is priceless, especially so when you consider what the "proof" was ([[spoiler:a matchbox]]).
--> '''Walter:''' "[[EpicFail Truly?!]]"
* The Samurai you have to rescue from [[spoiler:Tayama's clutches]]. At first, there is a lot of tension and drama as everyone tries to rescue him, [[spoiler:but after invading Tayama's Hills building, nobody seems to care about the Samurai even if he's clearly being tortured]]. After some events, [[spoiler:rather than leaving the top floor of the building after everyone's left, the Samurai stays behind... [[CanNotTellALie not to sit out the conflict or because his Gauntlet needs repairing]]... [[BlatantLies but to find more mystic relics to take home]]!]]
** This happens even in the Chaos path. [[spoiler:Either he hasn't bothered to get back in touch with his superiors in Mikado, or he's decided than helping himself and you to more mystic relics is more important than fighting you for having turned coat.]]
* [[spoiler:Akira the demon]] calls Jonathan and Walter with names. He first calls Jonathan a "Goody-Two-Shoes" which he doesn't understand, but Walter is seen smiling in the background...and then Walter gets called "bad boy," making Jonathan smile instead.
* [[spoiler: Hugo]] turns out to be a HenpeckedHusband. Hearing him vent about his wife while attempting to remain civil (as well as TRYING to avoid giving away the fact he's the "[[IHaveThisFriend acquaintance]]" he's talking about) is quite hilarious.
* Recruiting demons in general, natch. One such example is trying to recruit a demon with a "beast" personality, where they ask the player to dig into the ground. The three possible responses given to the player?
** There's another example of this, wherein the demon tells you that you have no choice but to bow down to him. As such, you get three choices all telling you to bow down.
** Some demons can propose you a rather loaded question: which are stronger, humans or demons?
** Other demons command you to die. If you obey ("X tried to die!") then either they'll become so disgusted with your disregard for your own life they'll leave, or they'll be so ''shocked'' at it that they'll immediately join you to keep you from doing it again.
** Some demons will command you to massage their shoulders. You have the option to massage your ''own'' shoulders, and if you're [[LuckBasedMission lucky]], the demon complains that you're doing it wrong and offers to join you to teach you the proper technique.
** If you use Negotiate on a sleeping demon, they'll be so tired that they don't feel like fighting you anymore and just tell you to leave them alone.
* The terminal guardian is a pretty hilarious guy. He appears differently with each appearance (once as a [[WholesomeCrossdresser woman]]), and after being defeated the first time, freaks out each time after when he realizes that it's you once again to take his terminal. And each time he swears that next time things won't go like that. Later on, he becomes much more affable though still overconfident.
** At the 9th terminal, he will summon [[GagPenis Mara]] to battle you, which is a funny moment in and of itself. He delivers this line:
--> '''"Intuitive Man":''' Even you won't be able to [[DoubleEntendre beat off]] this magnificent schlong. [[LampshadeHanging Hehe, get it? Beat off?]]\\
'''"Anachronistic Man":''' Even one such as thou shall ne'er beat off this magnificent member.
** And once you beat Mara...:
--> '''"Intuitive Man":''' Huh. I guess it really is all about how you use it.
* Also on the 9th terminal, Hugo informs you that the next terminal you activate after that will mark the "Activate All Terminals" quest complete, not because this would mean you've found every Terminal in Tokyo, but because ''he's sick of hearing the word "Terminal".''
* Those chatting skills that lets you get macca, healing, or reducing press turns from demons? You can use them on ''bosses''. Even on the [[spoiler: [[OmnicidalManiac The Whites]] ]]!
* The VR missions have some fun gems:
** In Training Battle 4, Pyro Jack introduces you to the "Jack Brothers +": himself, Jack Frost, and Jack The Ripper, just like before, but with the addition of Hairy Jack. He defends the odd inclusion, pointing out that he couldn't find any other Jacks.
** [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiStrangeJourney Demonee-Ho]] being your drill instructor.
-->'''Demonee-Ho''': "Private Hee-ho! [[Film/FullMetalJacket I will unscrew your head and hee-ho down your neck!]]"
* The demon in charge of the Harajuku Demon's Domain is [[spoiler:a Demonee-Ho]].
* After retrieving Osiris's body parts, he joins you on your quest. After his wife Isis leaves though, he makes mention of a certain part missing. Considering his [[GroinAttack mythology]]...
* Meeting Mastema for the first time. You enter a battle with him, he says a BadassBoast and then [[spoiler: [[TheGadfly he laughs about it and opens the way forward without any conflict]]]]
* In the Law or Chaos paths, try resting in the barracks or having lunch at the Hunters' Association. [[spoiler:Merkabah and Lucifer]] will still walk up to you to wake you up, or wish you luck while eating the "ersatz" concoctions, as if it they were still your old partners. [[spoiler: Merkabah declares eating at the Hunter's Associations a form of bravery, and ''Lucifer'' describes the food as a fallen thing.]]
* While the visits to [[spoiler: Blasted and Infernal Tokyo]] are in general pretty dreary, [[spoiler: and naturally so because the White are trying to drive Flynn across the DespairEventHorizon]], there's one moment in the latter level that's pretty amusing, involving going into a lab run by demons and getting sterilized... by a [[TalkingPoo Kanbari]], in a process that sounds like ''throwing up''.
* In the Cathedral of Shadows, if you accidentally try to fuse a demon without selecting any skills for it to inherit, Mido makes a hilariously flippant, miffed-sounding "MMM!" noise.
** When you unlock a new Special Fusion, he lets out a [[LargeHam very enthusiastic]] "OHHHHHHHHHH!"
** Ask him who he is. You can't do it until rather late in the game, but it's worth it to hear that bizarre laugh of his.
* The {{yakuza}}-esque black market dealers are pretty amusing. The voice acting is what sells it.
** During a sale:
--->''"You HAD to come now, didn't you?"''
** When you go to sell your items:
--->''"This is real, RIGHT?"''
** When you buy equipment and have the option to equip it immediately:
--->''"Don't tell me you're going to change here..."''\\
(This happens even if you're just changing weapons or accessories!)
** [[MemeticMutation And of course...]]
---> ''"OH, A HUNTER."''
** When you get to Shinjuku [[spoiler:in Blasted Tokyo]], there's an item shop and weapon shop that are functionally the same as other shops, but [[spoiler:their respective clerks are wearing the standard human garb of Blasted Shinjuku. Hearing the masked weapon clerk make the exact same snarky lines as his normal Tokyo equivalents is hilarious.]]
* The beginning of the game, before the LetsGetDangerous mission to Tokyo, features plenty of competition for the DeadpanSnarker title between Isabeau and Walter.
** Walter: "No, I can see that Navarre is... ''special''."
** Isabeau joins you in finding Navarre simply because ''someone'' has to dispense first-aid after Walter is through with him.
** And then there's Walter opinionation that with a helmet on, Isabeau would be taken for a man. Which gets returned when she states that, as the only woman and the only member of the team not to be charmed by a boss, she is the only one qualified to give a complete report of the situation.
* Trying to visit the bakery after the plot-mandated visit will result in Burroughs telling you that you're leaving before the baker has a chance to notice you.
** [[spoiler: It's less funny when he succumbs to the books and becomes Dantalion.]]
* On the Chaos path, when you activate new terminals, [[spoiler:Hugo will continue to keep in touch with you about your quest to activate all terminals. [[MoodDissonance Apparently, your activation of all of Tokyo's terminals is more important to him than the fact that you're committing high treason on Mikado.]]]]
* When fighting Mitamas in the three AntiFrustrationFeatures DLC quests, try using Desparate Hit on them. You'll do zero damage, but they don't count as blocked attacks, and you can still get {{Critical Hit}}s for extra turns!
* Activating a Challenge Quest will [[BGMOverride change the BGM of the current area you're in]], no matter what area it is. You are free to [[SoundtrackDissonance romp around the final dungeons to the tune of the Challenge Quest tracks]] if you really want to, even though it's completely unnecessary.
* If you have Alice in your party and you refuse to let her learn a new skill or change a skill, she asks you to [[CatchPhrase die for her]]. This reaches maximum irony if the skill she is trying to change is Die for Me!--in other words, ''her own SignatureMove.''
* Speaking of Alice, you can learn [[SignatureMove Die for Me!]] via [[PowerCopying Demon Whisper]]. Now imagine you/Flynn running around shouting "Die for me!" to demons.
* In the "Experience of the Afterlife" DLC quest, Charon's jailers note that there's been an influx of new dead lately because they don't have enough ''{{experience|Points}}''. Which can be taken to mean that they aren't LevelGrinding hard enough, and that the jailers are lampshading the game's NintendoHard difficulty.
* When you do a Reincarnation Start NewGamePlus, you keep the level you had when you finished the final quest of your previous playthrough. Quest EXP is dependant on your level. Your first quests in a new file involve recruiting demons, so once you recruit a low-level demon or two, the next quest you finish will result in that demon getting the same EXP as you, and the EXP reward is enough to give them at least ''20-25 levels.''
* Also on a Reincarnation Start, if you kept the Black Demonica from your last playthrough, put it on during the Black Samurai arc and watch as the citizens of Mikado completely ignore the fact that you're dressed exactly like their number one enemy.
* After the Black Samurai [[spoiler:is captured, Hugo orders the Samurai to continue scavanging Tokyo for mystic relics,]] an order that leaves many Samurai upset, Walter included. His response?
--> "Excuse me, but I'm feeling an [[PurpleProse overabundance of yellow bile]] [[StressVomit that must be relieved]]. I'll see you hence."
* Someone at Atlus must have had a bad experience with Army food. Most of the food you find at Camp Ichigaya, [[spoiler:in any of the three universes]], is 1-Star Food.
* There's an optional scene you can watch where Hugo tries to get his fellow monks to use a PC to record Mikado's history, much to his ire. The idea of [[AnachronismStew a Middle Ages-esque civilization trying to understand how to use a modern-day PC]] can create a fairly hilarious image, even if you're aware of [[spoiler:Mikado's and Tokyo's true histories.]] At one point someone asks Hugo how to type the character ぢ (''di''), which gets amusing for anyone who knows that it's a very uncommonly-used character in Japanese.
* Walter getting [[JumpScare startled]] by [[spoiler:the Black Demonica suit]] in the Counter-Demon Force base, [[spoiler:mistaking it for the Black Samurai before discovering it's only an empty suit.]]
--> ''(startled look)'' "Damn me, it's the Black Samurai!" [[spoiler:''(deadpan look)'' "...or is it?"]]
* Burroughs's [[IdleAnimation quips if you stand around for a while]]:
--> "You look great just standing around!"\\
"Master? You're spacing out a little."\\
"Maybe I should relax too!"\\
"Are you consulting your demons?"
* When you use the Fundraise skill on a demon that has been afflicted with Bind, you're actually ''stealing'' from the demon, as their [[WhatTheHellHero rather angry]] dialogue indicates. It gets funny if [[{{Hypocrite}} the target demon has Macca Beam or Wastrel Beam]].
* After the third training exercise, Navarre tries to retain some of his [[strike:ego]] dignity.
-->'''Navarre''': [[SmugSnake Regardless of what you are no doubt thinking]], I was not the victor.\\
'''Walter:''' ''[makes "are you fucking kidding me" face]''
* The Mikado Monastery has a ''car'' in the back for whatever reason.