Funny: She-Hulk

  • #4 of Dan Slott's run is essentially a constant stream of these, as Jen represents Spider-Man in court against J. Jonah Jameson for libel.
    • Jen's really bad "Spider-Signal".
    • Spidey claims that 3J hates him because he's black - and then says he's just kidding, cracking up the entire courtroom, including the judge (though he calls for order anyway).
    • Spidey and Jen team-up to smack the Scorpion around.
      Spider-Man: Y'know, for all my years in the longjohn game... ...That's the first time I've ever seen someone argue their way out of a fight. Say, where can I get one a' them law degrees?
      Jen: Oh, stop!
    • ...but despite Jen's mad skillz, "Peter Parker" gets caught up in the lawsuit. But Spidey has a novel settlement...
      Pug: Our client is willing to drop all monetary damages and forgo any future claims... ...on one condition.
      3J's Lawyer: Okay, let's hear it.
      Pug: Both Jameson and Parker have to hand out public apologies for one entire business day.
      Spider-Man: While dressed in chicken suits!
  • Jen trying to talk John Jameson into having sex with her while she's in She-Hulk form:
    Jen: And if things get too... you know, just use the safe word.
    John: No kidding. I've got a few more "safe words," like "Ow!" and "Dear God!" and "Crushed pelvis."
  • Titania interrupts Shulkie and John Jameson after she has gotten the Jupiter Suit from Mr Fantastic to deal with her increased power level. It ends badly for Titania, who is sent flying with a single punch and three panels of Shulkie and John commenting on how far she's flying.
    • Also helped by John asking if the suit's working. The answer? "It's working just fine."
  • From the original Sensational run, a both Funny and Awesome moment sees She-Hulk and friends escaping a dangerous situation by running across the two-page mail-away ad spread in the middle of the comic. Every single entry mocks the title and/or creators involved with it, from numerous jabs on the New Universe to pointing out the open joke that Walter and Louise Simonson are the models for the parents in Power Pack.
  • The Sensational run has a Funny moment with its first and final covers. The first cover has She-Hulk tell readers that if they don't start picking up her comic, she was going to come and tear up their X-Men comics. The final issue? She tells the reader to hand 'em over.
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