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Funny: Shakespeare in Love
  • Pretty much every Historical In-Joke that pops up throughout the movie.
  • Shakespeare's epic shrug when asked where his pages are.
  • Chasing after Viola to find out about this Thomas Kent fellow, Shakespeare decides to climb up the rose vines to Viola's balcony. Just when audiences think we're about to see a re-staging of the infamous balcony scene from the play... it's the nurse who catches Shakespeare climbing up, and both are freaked out by the surprise.
  • During the opening audition for Romeo And Ethel the Pirate's Daughter, every would-be performer auditions by using the same lines from Marlowe's Faustus, which annoys Shakespeare to no end.
  • Ned's reaction to learning about Mercutio's death.
    ...He dies?
    • How Shakespeare gets Ned to take the part in the first place.
  • Queen Elizabeth stopping at a puddle and looking expectantly at her courtiers, who quickly take of their capes, only for her to walk through the water anyway muttering "Too late, too late."
  • The London cabbies, in rowing boats.
    I had that Christopher Marlowe in my boat once.
  • The boatman rolling his eyes at Shakespeare's Purple Prose.
    A writer, is he?
  • Henslowe attempting to calm a panicking Shakespeare when it looks like everything is going wrong with the premiere of Romeo and Juliet:
    Henslowe: The show must... you know... (trails off aimlessly)
    Shakespeare: Go on!
  • Pretty much everything involving the bloodthirsty young scamp, John Webster (who would grow up to become a writer of particularly gruesome tragedies), ESPECIALLY the scene where he tips off Mr. Tilney about Viola performing in drag:
    Viola: Nobody knew.
    Webster: (pointing at Shakespeare) He did! I saw him kissing her bubbies!
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