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Funny: Shadows of the Empire
  • The exchange between the pilot of a transport, Luke and Dash;
    Suprosa Captain: This is captain of the Suprosa. Are you crazy? We're hauling fertilizer here! What kind of pirates are you?!
    Luke: We are not pirates. Like I said, we are with the Alliance.
    Dash: And maybe we have a big garden.
    • This exact sequence is in X-Wing Alliance as well.
  • Lando's attempt at cooking.
  • C-3PO and R2-D2 trying to fly the Millennium Falcon towards Xizor's Palace.
    C-3PO: I'm trying to turn it right side up! Be quiet, Artoo!
  • This brilliant use of the Narrative Profanity Filter: "Lando stated, in a colorful fashion, that Han's ancestry was in question and his personal habits left much to be desired."
    • Along with this:
    "Lando swore at the ship, a string of colorful phrases, including several graphic-if highly unlikely-descriptions of things he wished it would do to itself."
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