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Funny: Shadow Raiders
  • At the end of episode 8, when Cryos abdicates his throne Femur is shocked and begins listing the reasons why it's a horrible idea. As the episode pans away and ends, you can still hear him ranting and giving increasingly nonsensical reasons while everyone ignores him.
  • In the episode where Femur steals the battles moons. Pelvis faints on sight from Graveheart stepping into the control room ready to kick his and Femur's ass.
  • Pelvis attempts to kill Femur for the throne.
  • Femur and Pelvis rehearsing a meeting with Lord Mantle. Pelvis yells the line, "Guards, destroy these pathetic intruders!" Mantle yells the exact same thing at Femur a scene later.
    • From Cryos later in the episode, "Guards, seize these pathetic intruders!"
  • Femur and Pelvis are talking and Femur motions for one of his guards to test his food. Guard very hesitantly tries it as Femur and Pelvis continue to talk. A bit later in the conversation, Femur's holding another slug up to eat when the guard starts choking. Femur casually puts down the slug and continues the conversation without missing a beat
  • "Pelvis has left the building."
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