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Funny: Shadow of the Colossus
  • Don't think there's humor to be found in this game? The potential for it is there, if you care to look.
    • On top of the cliff over looking Barba's lair, you can grab onto a large hawk and go for a ride. However, the hawk's path will eventually take you back around to where it got close enough to grab... meaning that Wander will get slammed into the cliff face if you don't let go ahead of time.
    • The area just outside of Barba's lair has a bunch of tortoises crawling around on the ground. Wander will sometimes trip over them.
  • Wander's tendency to trip over himself can lead to a few chuckles when trying to walk up some sloped objects; he will essentially trip his way up the slope in a derpy fashion.
  • When you defeat Malus (#16), it grabs its face, making it look like it's Facepalming.
  • Sometimes when falling a short distance and pressing the sword button at the right time, the sword will get stuck in the ground.
  • When climbing up a wall to another platform, if you manage to get Wander parallel to the platform and close to the step, let go and he'll kinda roll off the wall.
  • You can have alot of fun when you aquire the Invisible Cloak, first by riding Agro around while it seems like she's steering herself. Then a few colossi have some interesting reactions when you become invisible in the middle of battle, such as making confused sounds and searching about for you while you can stand right in front of them. Also when you engage Avion (the fifth colossus) which is standing with its wings in the wair, put the cloak on and it will fold the wings instead.
  • Agro is hilarious all by herself! Her model tends to lock up when she is tossed about in a fight (most notably with Dirge and Phalanx) making her legs go stiff.
  • The lizards found all over the Colossus world are hilarious, if only for their silly waddling gait.

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