Funny / Sgt. Frog Abridged

  • Momoka screaming "STATUE!!!"
  • Keroro scrubbing what looks like a cupboard in Episode 2:
    "I FUCKING LOVE CLEANING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! *sets cupboard on fire*"
  • Mois pointing out the obvious in episode 5. "You look like me!"
    • Keroro and Tamama's phone call. Pretty much the entire thing.
    Keroro: You got stuck.
    Tamama: Mhm.
    Keroro: Well where are you?
    Tamama: I'm locked inside a car.
    Keroro: Alright, don't worry. I'll come over an- what.
    Tamama: I'm locked inside a car.
    Keroro: ...Hun? Think about what you said for a minute.
    Tamama: I said I'm locked insi-Ooooh, I see what's wrong!
    Keroro: Good!
    Tamama: *Click* Okay now I'm locked. Come and get me, Sarge!~
    Keroro: ... He's worth it. He's worth it.
  • The disappointing lottery numbers in episode 6. "Four, four, four, four, ssssssssffffffNINE" "FUCK IT ALL!"
  • Weapons spelled Backwards is Toys....Okay it's snopaew.
  • "I'm a big kid now!" from Ep. 7.....just......
  • "I'll be the hero! G.I JOOOOOOoeeeeeee..."
  • Giroro after he tried to color an entire animation by himself.
  • Episode 9:
    WHAT HAVE I DOOOOOOONE?! Oh well. Talking doughnut, it's just you and me.
  • Keroro's entire dealing with Tamama's true gender in episode 11.
    *hiding in a file cabinet* "Oh hello...this is my roommate Carl. Don't talk to him, he is penis."
  • Joriri is practically a walking CMOF all on his own. Some of his advice consists of:
    "Less talking, more walking. Unless you're on a island. Cause you're gonna fucking drown."
    Young Zeroro: "Can you be my new daddy?" Joriri: "If I had a nickel for every time I heard that, I'd smell really bad." Young Giroro: "You already do." Joriri: "I'm rich."
    "You kids know about E-Z Bake Ovens? Well I tried to make 'em difficult. I failed."
    "Remember to live your life like a sea urchin: Fuckin' ridiculous." Kids: "Ridiculous."
    "Volcanoes erupt once every year, just like having sex with me, 'cept less people die."
    "A library book, or as I like to call it, a reading cocktease."
    "I don't understand water wings. Every time I throw a bird into a lake, they drown."
    "Don't worry kids, I run a lemonade stand. And when I run out of lemons, that leads to violence."
    "Look young man, may I call you young man? I would rather not. Listen: you'll find yourself interested in many different men and women, and sometimes you'll find yourself driving backwards to your son's wedding. But remember this: the sun doesn't set on love. It just questions why you showed up to a wedding wearing nothing but two socks and a chain wallet. Now get out there and get me a wife."
    "I used to find Yo' Mama jokes were funny. Now I just find 'em in my sleeping bag."
    "Sometimes I get lost in thought. What's the best route out of "I wonder what dirt tastes like"?"
  • Episode 4: "Yep, there goes my motor skills...and my sex drive." "I'LL REBUILD IT IF IT KILLS ME!"
  • Episode 15. Aki curing Keroro of his disease.
    Aki: "Put this in your mouth..."
    Keroro: *beat* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    Aki: "That's called a bleeding! It's how they treated bubonic plague."
  • Episode 11: Pururu asks Dororo about how he could possibly have every known virus, germ, parasite and cancer and still be remotely fine:
    Pururu: "How is this even possible...?"
    Dororo: "I know, I eat my vegetables."
    Pururu: "What kind of fucking vegetables could do that?!"
    Dororo: "God broccoli."
    Pururu: "...'God broccoli'."
    Dororo: "What? It's a good vegetable."
  • Upon Dororo seeing Zoruru:
    Dororo: "ARE YOU ROBOCOP?!"
    Keroro: "...Wow, Dororo. You're an ass."
    Mois: "Well, is he?"
    Zoruru: "Someone...Is finally...Unaware of me...Thank you." (disappears)
  • Let's face it, seeing Giroro's older brother Garuru think Keroro is some sort of tactical mastermind who has bested him at virtually every turn was pretty funny.
  • The song Giroro wrote for Natsumi when he had a crush on her.