Funny / Seven Days In Sunny June

  • Luna being a gamer.
  • Rarity creaming Spike at video games.
  • During Christmas time, Sunset gives Pinkie a very large box of Chocolate Covered Sugar Bombs for her flight to visit her family on the rock farm. Cup Cake's response?
    “You just put my hyperactive niece in a tin can with dozens of innocents, Sunset. I hope you’re prepared for the aftermath.”
    • Even better, Sunset admits this was planned.
    “Sure I am – she’ll eat the whole thing the minute she sits down, and the pure sugar shock should burn through her system before she even gets up to cruising altitude. By the time the sugar crash sets in, she should be asleep during the whole flight to Boise. Plus, even Pinkie has a limit to how much sugar she ingests, which means that from Boise to North Arkansas, she’ll likely just abstain from anything on the flight!”