Funny / Seth Rogen

  • His whole appearance on 'The Jonathan Ross Show' is just one major laugh after one another. In one instance, Ross showed Rogen a picture of him when he was in The Green Hornet, and mentioned how he lost a lot of weight for the role. Rogen remarked, "If Matthew McConaughey looked like that, he'd probably shoot himself in the face."
  • His improv during the "I'm the hero, you're the sidekick" scene in "The Green Hornet".
    Seth: Tintin... that other guy.
    Michel: (O/S) Milou.
    Seth: Pillow?
    Michel: Milou.
  • His appearance on BBC Radio 1 comedy spot ''Playground Insults'', where he went up against, of all people, Chloe Moretz, in an attempt to see who could out-insult the other without cracking up. Utterly juvenile and very, very funny.
    Seth: You steal those boots from Marilyn Manson?
    Seth: Your face smells like garbage.
    Chloe: Your beard smells like the sewer.
    Seth: Your...balls stink.
    Chloe: My balls are twice the size of yours. [...] You have a little bit of grey in your beard.
    Seth: You have a little bit of grey in your...soul.