Funny / Senki Zesshou Symphogear


  • Episode 2:
    Tsubasa: Smiles have no meaning where we're going.
    Cue the next scene having the bureau celebrating Hibiki getting there.
    • When Tsubasa calls Hibiki to the base again, she puts her in handcuffs, even if they probably aren't needed. There's also Hibiki's scream as she's riding the way-too-fast elevator again.
  • Episode 3:
    • Genjuuro shows Hibiki a map with dots on it.
    Genjuuro: Any opinions?
    Hibiki: (matter-of-factly) Hm, lots of dots.
    • Ryouko very suggestivly bites Hibiki's ear, causing the latter to freak out. She then drops this gem:
    Ryouko: Virgins are all the same, huh? (with a sultry look) I want to pop your cherry before anyone else.
    • More of a Funny Aneurysm moment than anything else, since it's implied she was playing it completely straight.
    • During lunch, Hibiki claims she's "cursed" right before getting a piece of food from two of her friends, smiling broadly as she eats.
  • Genjuro dressed as Bruce Lee and Akuma during episode 4's post credit Training Montage.
  • The voice actors' very bad attempts at speaking English in episode 5.
    • Same episode, Hibiki stumbling upon a hentai picture in a magazine.
  • Hibiki entering Tsubasa's room, and assuming she's been kidnapped, due to the utter messiness of said room in episode 6.
    • Also funnier that Tsubasa just appeared behind her out of nowhere... and her usual deadpan expression turn into extreme embarrassment.
    • While Hibiki is putting away Tsubasa's underwear, Tsubasa admits she usually has Ogawa clean her room.
    Hibiki: Ehh? You let a guy clean your room!?
    Tsubasa:(blushing furiously) You're right, that's a problem in a number of ways.
    • Tsubasa's expression makes it clear that she's never before noticed anything untoward about that.
  • In episode 6 Hibiki tries reaching out to Chris by telling her personal details, like her age, her birthday, her blood type, even that she's never had a boyfriend. But when it comes to her weight:
    Hibiki:Uh...I'll tell you when we're better friends!
  • A combination of a too short shirt, and no underwear contributing to Chris giving Miku an eyeful in episode 8.
  • Hibiki's attempts at a crane game in episode 9, where she lets out a rather goofy sounding Hot-Blooded yell.
  • Hibiki's endless Glomping of a freshly Heel Face Turned Chris in episode 10.
  • In Episode 10, Ryoko is expositioning something, while Ogawa tried to interrupt, only to receive Offhand Backhand, Offhand Kick, etc every time he tried.
  • Chris' Symphogear Ichii-Bal, (and for that matter, all the Symphogears) can magically conjure up massive missiles, but can't conjure up enough material to cover her bust fully, unlike Hibiki and Tsubasa's Symphogears which seem to manage that just fine.
  • The secret to Genjuurou's strength: Eating, sleeping and watching movies.

Symphogear G

  • Chris's very Magical Girl-equse transformation in episode three. Not to mention the lyrics of her song.
    Rather than a greeting I'll give you my gattling. You're just trash that deserves a good trash burning. 1, 2, 3 You're an eyesore!
  • Genjuurou randomly breaking into song during the training sequence in episode 9, with Chris playing the Straight Man the whole way through. And Chris completely sucking at the training despite being the most Hot-Blooded girl.
    • Made even more hilarious when that song is "Ying Hung Gu Shi (Cantonese: Hero's Story)", the main theme for Police Story, originally sang by Jackie Chan, with Chris' comment in the background is basically saying "Won't we get into copyright infringement with this song?"
    • The training montage itself. Tsubasa is in her own pace, Hibiki is giving it her all, while Chris is...borderline keeping up and failing in almost all of it.
  • In Episode 10, Hibiki goes "I'll bring back Miku even if I die!" -"You're not allowed to die!" -"Then I'll come back alive even if it kills me!" to a baffled Genjuurou, who honestly can't answer anything to that.
  • Ending montage. Tsubasa complains that Chris isn't calling her 'senpai' anymore, so Hibiki teases her... which led to Chris exploding and reminding her that she is Hibiki and Miku's senpai.
  • Both OVAs in almost their entirety.

Symphogear GX

  • In Episode 1, Hibiki attempts to glomp Chris on their way to school, only for Chris to hit her with her bag before Hibiki makes contact.
    • And to top it off, Chris has to remind Hibiki that she's still her senpai.
  • At the beginning, the girls are trying to save a space shuttle from hitting K2 mountain and Chris blows them "through" the mountain with her missiles and Hibiki's help. The mission operator says (in a matter of fact voice) "K2 is now only the THIRD tallest mountain in the world"
    • A bit latter Hibiki performs a suplex on a SPACE SHUTTLE!
  • Later on that episode, Hibiki falls asleep in class again. Even after two seasons, some things never change.
  • When Hibiki and Chris are called to rescue people from a fire, Shirabe and Kirika offer to help, only to get turned down by Chris. Shirabe and Kirika are...not happy to say the least.
    • Their responses are synchronised too!
  • Episode 3: Tsubasa reveals herself to be a Terrible Artist, drawing an Alkanoise as a poorly-drawn samurai guy. What's funnier is that her voice actress shares this same trait and drew the same picture.
    Chris: There's avant garde and then there's this! Are you trying to change your career from "pop star" into "pop artist"!?
  • Right before she transforms, Kirika is shown with a Badass Armfold and a Scarf of Asskicking. However, if one looks closely, the "scarf" is actually just a banner for a shop. What does this mean? Kirika picked up a random shop banner and tied it around herself just to look cool.
  • Miku notices that Hibiki is looking a lot more depressed than usual after the latter's encounter with Carol. As she interrogates further, she notes that Kirika and Shirabe were put in the hospital for "necessary tests". One Gilligan Cut later...
    Kirika (in a hospital gown reading a magazine): I'm bored to death!
    Shirabe (in a hospital gown eating food): Hospital food is so bland.
  • Aoi and Sakuya just finished running some medical tests on Elfnein and reveal that there's nothing wrong with Elfnein...except for the fact that Elfnein has no apparent gender. To which everyone thinks:
    Everyone: She's unusual enough already!
    Kirika:: ...desu...
  • Episode 3 has Chris being depressed about having to be saved by Kirika and Shirabe...and then it cuts to Yumi, Andou and Shiori singing a musical number about beef stroganoff. Mood Whiplash? Probably. Big Lipped Alligator Moment? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.
    Yumi: Beef Stroganoff: You know it from manga and anime!
  • Kirika attempts to glomp Shirabe in Episode 5, only for Shirabe to nonchalantly move out of the way and leave Kirika falling to the floor in a comedic fashion.
  • In Episode 6, when a naked Shirabe is shown on the SONG headquarters' screen following her fight with Micha, Maria angrily yells for the men to look away. Genjuro respectfully looks away and Sakuya seems to be straining not to look. ...And then Miku covers Hibiki's eyes as well.
    Hibiki: W-Why me too?!
    Miku: Sorry, I got caught in the moment!
  • Episode 7 begins with a much-needed break from all the action as the girls take a vacation to the beach. Amidst the various shenanigans that occur, here are a few standout examples:
    • Chris displaying an unhappy, "oh-no-not-again" face upon hearing that the Gear users are going to "train". It looks like she still hasn't forgotten the last time she was forced to undergo training. Hibiki, on the other hand, is absolutely pumped.
    • Tsubasa taking something as simple as a volleyball game very seriously and calling it a "tough exercise".
    • Elfnein preparing to serve a volleyball like a pro...and then failing miserably.
    • How does the group decide who has to go get food from the local supermarket? A free-for-all Rock-Paper-Scissors match!
    • The Mood Whiplash that comes in the very beginning. Maria contemplates the events of the past, including her miserable state she was as a Heel in G. She certainly wanted a power to protect those she held dear. And that journey has led her... to the beach.
      • What completes that scene are her attire and the pose she's in, both completely inappropriate to the initial mood: the most stylish (and daring) swimsuit of the six Symphogears, and a rather alluring contrapposto stance.
  • Kirika playing the vending machine lottery and getting bitter coffee, which she hates. Turns into a heartwarming moment when Shirabe swaps their cans, stating that she doesn't mind black coffee.
    • In the same episode, and in contrast to that above tender moment, Shirabe and Kirika having a quarrel halfway through the episode. Lampshaded by Miku and Hibiki, who point out how rare it is for those two to fight.
  • Also a quick moment from when Kirika and Shirabe activate their IGNITE modules.
    Kirika & Shirabe: Bakken!
    Kirika: ...desu!
  • Dr Ver's hamtastic return is both this and a moment of awesome for him at the end of episode 9, but what really sells it is Carol's "What the fuck" look on her face, showing just how out of left field it is.
    • And in episode 10, we get to see Kirika and Shirabe's reactions to Dr. Ver's return. It's priceless.
  • Chris' "Red Hot Blaze" move during her fight against Leiur in episode 10, which involves Chris using a rifle as a melee weapon. Even Leiur is surprised!
  • Episode 13's final battle: Kirika and Shirabe merge their Symphogears into a rather... familiar-looking form. Complete with an old-school 'alien' sound in the background!
  • Hibiki describes a summer festival to Elfnein and quips that Maria's Airgetlam jingles whenever she gets excited. Maria refutes this claim by saying that the jingle would sound better from the Ame-no-Habakiri, to which everyone starts laughing. Tsubasa is clearly not pleased.
    Tsubasa: "I now understand exactly what you all think of the Ame-no-Habakiri..."
    • Later on, Shirabe and Kirika do summer homework and learn the hard way that their senpai Chris can slack off due to having good grades.
    Chris: "I may not look it, but I get pretty good grades."
    Shirabe: "No way!"
    Chris: *Death Glare*
  • In the GX OVA, the FIS Children are shown absolutely loving the prison food they are given.note  So much that Maria thought of withholding information so they can continue eating them. A later short has Tsubasa mention how more well rounded the trio are. She meant their character but they took it as them getting fatter.
  • The entirety of the third GX OVA, which focuses on Carol and the Autoscorers. Some highlights include:
    • The Autoscorers' A.I.s/personalities being based on Carol's subconscious, meaning that their various character tics (such as their crazy facial expressions and poses) are things that Carol secretly wants to do.
    • The skit about Garie's public displays of affection. It begins with Garie kissing both Lieur and Phara in order to awaken them and Carol having a very scandalized reaction and saying that Garie should tone down the PDA. Cheekily, Garie replies that since their personalities are based on Carol's subconscious, then the PDA must've been Carol's idea to begin with. Carol immediately tells Garie to shut up.
    • The skits involving Carol "relieving" Elfnein of her duties. As seen in the series, Carol can see what Elfnein sees and Carol's expression can only be described as utter exasperation when she sees that Elfnein is busy cleaning her room before she departs in order to make the life of whoever might replace her easier. Then in order to speed up Elfnein's departure, Carol orders Lieur to chase Elfnein out but Lieur initially refuses because seeing Elfnein's various trip-ups has her actually feeling sorry for the poor kid. Carol then tells Lieur that she doesn't remember installing a sympathy node into the Autoscorers.
  • In the fourth OVA, Chris actually acts like a Troll in one of the skits where she asks Tsubasa what each of them would look like if they switched Symphogears. Chris has an Imagine Spot of Tsubasa wearing Ichaival (complete with Tsubasa yelling out "YASSAI MOSSAI!") and Chris holds back her laughter while Tsubasa blushes furiously out of sheer embarrassment.
    • For that matter, Chris imagining herself wearing different Symphogears. She first imagines herself in Hibiki's Gungnir(complete with her yelling "Rice and more rice!", Hibiki's favorite food) before deciding that yellow isn't her color. Then she imagines herself in Shirabe's Shul Shagana (complete with "That's why you're a hypocrite") and Kirika's Igalima (while cheerfully yelling out "DESU! DESU! DESU!). Her subsequent expression scares both Kirika and Shirabe.
    Shirabe: W-What's with her?
    Kirika: I'm not liking the look she has on her face!