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Funny: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
  • At the beginning of the story, Kamito is lost in the forest. He stumbles upon Claire taking a bath. In an attempt to smooth things over, he assures her that he has no interest in children. Claire reacts poorly.
  • After the above fiasco, Kamito is knocked unconscious and wakes up with a whip around his neck, Claire standing over him. Noticing her embarrassment, Kamito promptly decides to tease her. The conversation is something like this.
    Kamito: So you like tying people up?
    Claire: N-no, I was....
    Kamito: Then you like being tied up?
    Claire: ......*starts crying*
  • Fianna at one point says her cooking is so good any spirit who ate it always went back without complaints. After trying it, Kamito notes that they must have been knocked unconscious, then adds it shouldn't be possible to do that to a spirit.
  • When Ellis gets flustered or angry at Kamito, she'll swing her sword at him while telling him to "turn into X", with X being some exotic food dish. Kamito promptly asks to try whatever dish she's talking about.
  • Ellis, the super-serious knight, has an I'm Taking Her Home with Me! reaction to small animals. Including Scarlet, Claire's spirit. Scarlet is understandably terrified of her.
    • On the same note, Claire likes to use Fenrir as a pillow. Fenrir doesn't mind, but Rinslet does.
  • Est is the only one of the girls who never seems to verge into Clingy Jealous Girl territory. At least, not until Restia shows up....
    • This leads to the two of them arguing in his head while they're in sword form.
  • Kamito using an assassination movement technique... to win a swimming contest.
  • Anything about Claire and her novels
  • Rinslets cooking. She's so good, she summons an Elemental Lord with pancakes. Even Restia goes gaga over them.
  • Est is an Innocent Fanservice Girl who doesn't bother to materialize clothes most of the time. However, she will always be wearing kneesocks, and becomes horribly embarrassed whenever some tries to remove them. Kamito calls her the "naked kneesocks spirit".
  • In Volume 12, Greyworth of all people is stunned silent by Kamito’s Amnesiac Dissonance.
    Greyworth: Hmph, this is my first time hearing something sincere from you without sarcasm.
    Kamito: ...Really?
    Greyworth: Yeah, that's right. That mouth of yours keep saying rude things like witch or old hag.
    Kamito: Unbelievable. How could someone say that to a beauty like you—
    Greyworth: What...!?
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