Funny: Seirei no Moribito

  • When Torogai first meets Chagum, she enters Tanda's hut muttering, "an egg, an egg..." and she sits down to eat, then notices Chagum, points at him and shouts, "The Egg!" Cut To Black.
  • When the participants in the manhunt come to Tanda's hut and ask if he's seen an injured woman — the healer tells them that yes, he has, but springboards it into such an inspired rant about his frustrated love life that in the end the searchers just slink away awkwardly.
  • Often when Balsa, Tanda, and Chagum fall into a "family" image. There are surprisingly meaningful and amusing scenes that consist only of wordlessly-exchanged glances between the three of them, but the Crowning Moment of Funny comes when the three sit down to eat in town and the Yakoo proprietor brings them, gratis, a traditional three-bean dish. Tanda explains that this means they were mistaken for a family: the large green beans stand for the father, the smaller red beans stand for the mother, and the chickpeas stand for the child — "Oh, I see," Balsa says, and helps herself to the "Father" bean.
  • Soon after Chagum is taken from the castle, he begins the feel a weird feeling in his stomach. Tanda laughs, and says it would figure that a child as high born as Chagum doesn't know what hunger is.
  • When Balsa and Chagum are calmly eating outside a restaurant in broad daylight, Tanda expresses concern that even though she's managed to convince the manhunters she's dead, she still might be recognized. Her response is to walk over to a man at a nearby table and ask him if he's ever heard of Balsa the Spear-Wielder. He begins eagerly telling her of how he personally crossed swords with her, and it was so fierce a battle even he could only fight her to a standstill. He also assures her that Balsa is now quite dead. She maintains a perfectly straight face throughout the entire exchange.