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Funny: Secret Wars
  • As Doom makes his way through Galactus's world-ship, he narrates every bit of his journey aloud. When Klaw asks him if he's taping himself, Doom replies that, as a matter of fact, he is. "Every utterance of Doom must be recorded for posterity!"
  • A depowered Ben Grimm and arrowless Hawkeye find themselves trapped in a confrontation with the fully-powered but simple-minded Lizard and Klaw. We cut to follow the action of some other characters, and when we come back, we see these four engaged in a game of patty-cake.
    • The Lizard's reaction is priceless.
  • As the X-Men approach Magneto's fortress, it cuts to ominous narration describing how Magneto is focusing enough power to level a city, for the purpose of... making Wasp a comb out of metal.
  • Enchantress getting blind stinking drunk and randomly talking to herself... while still retaining her faux-Shakespearean speech patterns.
    "Innkeeper! Fetch me another flagon of mead! Fie, no one attends! I shall have to conjure my own mead again...or an inkeeper!"
  • Reed finally finds a way to return the heroes home, but insists on explaining it.
    Spider-Man: Ah phooey, Reed! We just wanna go home!
    • And after Reed does explain it.
      Spider-Man: Holy ruby red slippers!

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