Funny: Scream Queens

These are some of the funny moments from Scream Queens

    Season 1 
  • The "fake trailer" that they made, and for the fake trailer, I mean Va-GI-NUH!
  • Anything that came from the Cute Psycho Jessica Palette
  • The performance of Michelle in the third challenge, YOU BASTARD! (Caveman pose.)
  • A meltdown from Tanedra from the beginning of the finale.
  • John Homa to the ladies: "Girls, you are not having sex with the fruit!"
  • Kylah's pictures in the second episode, please try not to laugh at her inability to emote.

    Season 2 
  • Everything in Sierra's witch performance in episode two.
  • And watch how everyone (which also includes you) react when Sierra attempts to be controlled by the Poltergeist.
  • Crotch Shot!
  • Enters a man dressing as a creepy looking mechanic...and then watch him do a hilarious lap dance!
  • Prank: Sit next to a couple of bricks, give people an angry lecture about how they are doing badly, and throw a brick at them.
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