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Funny: Scream
  • "I'll send you a copy. BAM! Bitch went down. I'll send you a copy. BAM! Syd! Superbitch!"
  • The Stab 6 fakeout in Scream 4. The subsequent Stab 7 one is even funnier.
  • "Fuck Bruce Willis..."
  • Randy's rules for survival in the first movie, especially Stu's response. See the Quotes page for more.
    • Slightly later on, having Randy watch Halloween (1978) while giving advice to Jamie Lee Curtis' character to just look behind you, Jamie when he's totally oblivious to the fact that the killer from this movie is literally right behind him.
    • It gets better. What's the name of the actor playing Randy? That's right, Jamie Kennedy.
  • Gale, in a Ghostface mask, acting like a high schooler while attending Stab-a-thon.
  • This exchange at the end of the first film:
  • This exchange:
    Sydney: Can you see me right now?
    Ghostface: Uh-huh.
    Sydney: Ohhh. *starts picking her nose* What am I doing? Huh? HUH? What am I doiiiing? Helloooo....?
  • In Scream 2, Dewey copping a feel on Gale during a lovey moment between the two on a table. Right when the killer is watching them. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • The opening scene too, where Jada Pinkett and Omar Epps have possibly the least romantic first date ever when going to see the first Stab movie.
  • Joel the Camera Man, replacing Gale's previous Camera Man Kenny. He knows what happened to Kenny and due to this is very nervous and easily scared he'll share the same fate. Opinion may vary but his funniest moment is upon seeing Randy's dead body in the Van, in which he passes out after Gale and Dewey run.
  • From Scream 3,
    Milton: You don't have to do this, Roman! Just tell me what you want, I can make it happen! Any picture, name your budget, script approval, final cut!
    Roman: I already have it.
    (Milton's throat is slashed)
    • This exchange:
    Jennifer: Gale Weathers!
    Gale: [says quietly] Shit.
    Jennifer: I know we've never met... and I know you never returned my phone call, but after getting into this project, I feel like I'm in your mind.
    Gale: Hmm, that would explain my constant headaches.
    Jennifer: You know, I'm sorry things didn't work for 60 minutes II, but Total Entertainment, that's a pretty good fallback.
    Gale: Thank you. I'm sorry things didn't work out with Brad Pitt, but being single, that's a good fallback.
    Jennifer: Gives me more time for my work. After all, Gale Weathers, you're such a complex character.
    Gale: And to be played by an actress with such depth and range...
    • This moment between Dewey and Randy.
    Randy: Well, if you're watching this tape, it means as I feared. I did not survive these killings here at Windsor College. And that giving up my virginity to Karen Kolchec at the video store was probably not a good idea.
    Dewey: Karen Kolchec?
    Randy: Yes, Karen Kolchec.
    Dewey: Creepy Karen?
    Randy: Shut up. She's a sweet person, okay? We were working late. We were putting away some videos in the porno section and ya know, shit happens.
    • And of course, who could forget the out of no where cameo that is Jay and Silent Bob.
    "Holy shit, Silent Bob, it's that TV news chick Connie fucking Chung. Hey Connie, how's Maury? (...) Dude, I think she likes me. Did you see how she was looking at me?"
    • Come on who could forget this one:
    Dewey's voice on phone: Stone where are you?
    Stone: I'm just checking out your tin can Dewdrop.
    Dewey: Well come back inside and stay with Jennifer. Something's happened. I have to go to the police.
    Stone: Is that an order Dewdrop? Cause Steven Stone doesn't work for you.
    Dewey: Get back in the house Stone! Would I call you if it wasn't important?
    What are you doing in there anyway?
    Stone: Me, I'm just checking to make sure there's no killer in here waiting to off you like he did your little sister.
    Dewey: What did you say? I can't believe you said that. That makes me-
    [Ghostface pops out behind Stone with his knife and stabs Stone in the back]
    Ghostface: (in killer's voice) ANGRY!
    • And the kicker is Stone actually puts a good fight, only to be brought down... with a frying pan.
  • In Scream 4, when Gale is explaining to Dewey why she thinks the killer is going to attack the high school Stab marathon:
    Gale: Come on, how meta can you get?
    Dewey: How what-a can you get?
    Gale: ...I don't know, I heard them say it!
  • Following a conversation between Perkins and Hoss about Bruce Willis being a frequent surviving cop, Perkin's exclaims "F*** Bruce Willis" just before dying.
    • Jill running headfirst into a picture at the climax.
  • In Scream 4, after Jill is taken down for one last time, Officer Hicks is found to be alive after getting shot by Jill. She reveals to have worn a bulletproof vest and faints soon thereafter.
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