It's no secret that Wrestling/{{Scott Steiner}} is hilarious, even when he's trying to be as intimidating as possible. It would be a nearly impossible task to find all of his comedic moments, but here are a few of them.

* As mentioned on [[Wrestling/ScottSteiner the main page]], Steiner, during his TNA career, made it a point to harass any beautiful woman he came across. [[ In one segment]], the backstage interviewer makes the mistake of asking him what he thinks is about to [[DoubleEntendre "go down."]] When he inevitably turns the question sexual ("What's about to go down? You are. Later on. Back in my hotel room"), she [[AsideGlance turns her head to the side]] with a look that just screams "I should have known better. I have no one to blame but myself."
* Scott Steiner has made a career of [[TheUnintelligible being impossible to understand]], and [[CloudCuckoolander saying nonsensical things]], yet it's rarely brought up in-universe. Someone FINALLY called him on both during a promo [[ while Bully Ray and Steiner have a backstage conversation]] (Steiner's reaction to the "7 days in a week" comment is a borderline [[HeroicBSOD BSOD]]; you can tell he's not used to his ridiculousness being acknowledged):
-->'''Steiner:''' Listen, I got freaks 9 days out of the week. I could give him--\\
'''Bully Ray:''' ... there's only 7 days in a week.\\
'''Steiner:''' Man, you ain't Big Poppa, I'm the Big Bad Booty Daddy, and [gibberish]...!\\
'''Bully Ray:''' ENGLISH!
* Concerning his upcoming match at ''Sacrifice 2008'' with Wrestling/KurtAngle and Wrestling/SamoaJoe, Big Poppa Pump explained the odds of Samoa Joe winning. [[ Using actual mathematics.]] (Make sure to watch Petey Williams.)[[note]]And yes, Samoa Joe actually did win that match.[[/note]]
** Now in the form of [[ Typography!]]
** And let's follow that up with a [[ history lesson]]. (Watch Tomko's face at 0:14.)
* [[ Scott Steiner doing the announcing for iMPACT]]. {{Hilarity Ensues}}.
* Moments after making his debut in [=McMahon=] Land, the members of the [[FanCommunityNickname WWE Universe]] watching at home got to hear his first words for them: "GIMME A FUCKING MIC!"
** Made even funnier by Wrestling/JerryLawler's completely understated squeak of [[OhCrap "Uh-oh."]]
* His opinions on Wrestling/SamoaJoe can be viewed in [[SarcasmMode this highly intellectual]] [[ statement]].
** Here you can find a [[SarcasmMode similar thoroughly constructed tirade]] [[ against Team 3D]].
*** And here he unleashes yet another [[SarcasmMode erudite]] [[RunningGag speech]] [[ against former Team 3D/Dudley Boys member Bubba/Brother/Bully Ray]].
* Not many people can trash talk Wrestling/{{Goldberg}} while talking about how one's junk is apparently the "Big Dipper". [[ The Genetic Freak found a way]].
* "Through all my career, I've wrestled a lot of countries..."
* His promo in the Wrestling/{{TNA}} PPV, "Against All Odds 2007", takes {{Mondegreen}} to extreme levels. [[ Jusy try to watch this with a straight face]].
* [[ If his promo in Turning Point 2011 is to be believed, Scott Steiner is a one man Tag Team. Oh, and he fixed a date for Bully Ray.]]
** Also that night: Steiner getting pissed at the audience and flipping them off [[RootingForTheEmpire because they are CHEERING him]]!
* [[ Steiner on a pogo stick.]]
* A summary of his more comedic statements. [[ also, expect to hear him say "HUH?!" many many times!]]
* Bully Ray and The Genetic Freak himself talk through their plans about Abyss. [[ Angrish and hilarity can be the only outcome!]]
* Pete Williams and Wrestling/ColtCabana [[ talking about the real life insanity of Scott Steiner.]] [[ Truly this man is a comedic legend!]]
** Now in [[ animated form]]!
* "BIG POPPA PUMP YA HOOK UP, AND THE NEXT, HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, OF THE WORLD!" - during a ''[[Wrestling/{{WWERaw}} WWE Raw]]'' promo in early 2003.
* [[ Scott Steiner vs a Toy Duck... you can't make this shit up!]]
* A 2013 post on Vine by Petey Williams titled "Finally got the Viner-line", consisting solely of Petey finding Scott Steiner, happily saying "Scotty?" to which Steiner replies "YO FUCK YOU PETEY!" Can be viewed on a loop [[ here.]]
* [[ This epic promo]] from Against All Odds 2011.
* After winning Stacy Keibler's managerial services, Steiner sums it up in the only way he can, as it goes off-the-rails and un-PG very quickly. Poor Stacy has to not only keep it together, she also has to sell looking forward to getting plowed by Steiner (which wasn't really the point of the angle).
-->'''Scott''': That's not all I won, see, I, for one, know what it's like to taste the sweet nectar of a woman's juices--
-->([[{{Corpsing}} Stacy briefly breaks character with a "Did he just say that"]] JawDrop)
-->'''Scott''': ...and I'm gonna show Stacy what Test couldn't show her, what it's like to be with a real man!...So if you hear tonight someone saying, "Oh God! Oh God!", and screams out "THE BIG BAD BOOTY DADDY!", MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!'s gonna be Stacy!
* [[ Scott Steiner and "MythToddical" are gonna bury Harlem Heat and give them S.T.D.s!...?]]
* In October 2015, the Shoney's restaurant chain announces that Scott Steiner is their newest franchisee. The Genetic Freak then cuts a promo [[ that must be seen to be believed.]]
* [[ Scott Steiner vs. a giant pierogi.]]