Funny / Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School

  • How the Calloway Cadets lose the annual volleyball game for the first time ever. It turns out they win all the time because they cheat, not because of their own skill. How fitting, then, that they don't lose this year because of the skill of their opponents. They lose because Scooby accidentally messes up their cheating, first by swallowing the remote to the remote-controlled volleyball along with a hot dog and ketchup, and then when his "hiccups" cause the "jet pack" strategy to go awry.
  • Elsa stating the obvious: "They don't RUN like they're tired!"
  • Phanty cackling her head off almost literally when she spins it totally around and asks, "Is this loose enough?!"
  • The way Sibella is genuinely flattered when Shaggy calls their garden rotten. "Thanks. We do our best, heh."
  • Scooby trying to alert Shaggy to the "writing", by which he means the opening credits, but Shaggy thinks Scooby means "lightning".
  • The mirror monster retreating from the real world because "it's too dangerous out here" and promptly just throwing Shaggy out of the mirror.
  • After getting rescued from Revolta's castle, the girls complain when the Calloway Cadets won't drop them off in the swamp, since they never got to finish their swim. One of the boys responds with, "I'll never understand girls!"