Funny: Schoolhouse Rock

  • In "Interjections!", after Geraldine tells Geraldo, "Hey! You're kinda cute!", her compliment appears above them in big, bold letters. Then, when the singer recommends replacing the exclamation point with a comma "...when the feeling's not as strong", Geraldo turns into a frog, much to Geraldine's disgust. The text also transforms into, "Hey, you're kinda cute.", written in small, plain letters.
    • On "...or frightened", a snake sneaks up on a girl but yells "Eeeeeek!" when she makes a scary face at him.
    • "Darn! That's the end."
    • "Or excited..." WOOOOOWWWW!!
    • "Hurray! I'm for the other team!"
  • "Tyrannosaurus Debt": Bill running away from the eponymous dinosaur at the end.
  • In "The Preamble", the Constitution being stamped with "Right On!"