Funny: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

For all its terrifying illustrations, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark still manages to sneak in a touch of humor every now and then.

  • One of the lighter stories is called "The Viper." A woman in a high-rise keeps receiving phone calls about a man who calls himself "The Viper" who is slowly coming up the stairs...
    Woman: Who are you?!
    The Viper: I am the viper. I vish to vash and vipe the vindows.
  • The hilariously anticlimactic ending to "The Babysitter". The titular character is continually being harassed by a lunatic over the phone, and it turns out he was hiding in the house the whole time. Then he comes down the stairs...and is promptly arrested by the police.
    • The baby in the illustration appears to be smirking at the audience.
  • The ending to "The Ghost with Bloody Fingers"
    "Cool it, man! Get yourself a band-aid!"
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