Funny: Scary Godmother

  • "Recount!"
  • When Count Max realizes that it's the twenty-first century.
    Great! Now my watch has stopped as well!
    • If you look carefully, you'll notice that said wristwatch is a sundial.
  • After the Fright Side is almost destroyed again, Skully mentions that his whole life flashed in front of him.
    Bugaboo: How was it?
    Skully: Fabulous!
  • After Scary Godmother's house disappears and she's left stranded on her broom with Bug-A-Boo, Harry, and Skully hanging on as the Fright Side starts disappearing:
    Scary Godmother: My house!
    Bug-A-Boo: My home!
    Harry: My comic books!
    Skully (stuck looking at Harry's rear end as he hangs on to his tail): My eyesight! Good thing I don't have any eyeballs...
  • Ruby's and Scary Godmother's exchange when Orson first meets Hannah.
    Ruby: *Whispers* It's his first real human.
    Scary Godmother: Cute.
  • The entire scene where the monsters scare Jimmy and the other kids for teasing Hannah is one big CMOF (as well as a CMOA), but special mention goes to Harry's over-the-top performances.
    Skully: (Pretending to be a lamp with a lampshade on his head) Click. Click. Click. (Begins singing and dancing) You'll be grilled! You'll be ate! Gonna serve you four kids on a plaaaaate!
    • Later, when Hannah shines her flashlight at Skully:
    Skully: Goodness, what a harsh light! Gak, I expire. *promptly falls apart*
    • When the monsters are congratulating each other on successfully scaring the kids, Skully chimes in with "You know, if I don't get a Broadway contract after this one...."
  • Skully trying to get Harry to roll over for a treat. Harry's too fat to even roll halfway.
  • Harry's shirt disappearing and Bug-A-Boo shrinking to the size of a small cat and perching onto Harry's shoulder.
    • Bonus points for Harry's tan line being pixelated.
  • When it starts snowing in the Halloween realm as a result of Jimmy's sabotage.
    Bug-a-Boo: Christmas is coming early this year? I gotta start making my Christmas cards.
  • "So other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show?"
  • Harry being punished for almost ruining the party.
    Scary Godmother: You'll probably have tonight paid off by Halloween next year. Enjoy your pizza!
    Harry: (sadly looks down at remaining pizza box) It's turned to ashes in my mouth.
    Scully: Oh! That's mine, then. I ordered half ashes, half green peppers. (snatches box away)
  • "My soul is worth more than twelve pizzas."