Funny / Scaramouche

  • The montage of Andre's greetings to the Assembly after killing noblemen in duels.
    Assembly President: Deputy du Rouge, representing the Soissons district?
    Andre: Mr. President, the deputy from Soissons will be absent from this assembly... permanently.
    • Basically, any time Andre Moreau, as delegate to the National Assembly, is challenged to or enters the Assembly late after winning a duel with a nobleman.
  • Andre's opinion of Philipe's revolutionary pamphlet near the beginning:
    Andre: The grammar is appalling. On the first page, you've doubled two negatives, split an infinitive, and missed out three commas!
  • Upon informing the Binet Troupe that they are trespassing on the land of the Marquis de La Tour d'Azyr, Andre describes him thusly:
    Andre: The gentleman is the Devil. Or rather I should say upon reflection, the Devil is a gentleman by comparison.
  • Assuming you like your comedy arch and snarky, almost every line Lenore utters and any interaction between her and Andre.
  • Most of the slapstick stage comedy, particularly when Andre has had to adopt the Scaramouche costume as a disguise.