Funny / Sasameki Koto

  • Chapter 10, page 2. Never, ever let Tomoe anywhere near your car. EVER. (The anime's preview for the episode with this scene had Tomoe's car suddenly blasting off like a rocket.)
  • Miyako's acidic comment on Ushio not being at Yuri Fes: "She's probably sulking cause her lady giant got stolen by Miss Humongous Forehead." But really, the chapter is mostly laughs until the end.
  • Chapter/Episode 5: Noe's photo during her declaration that she raised Sumika from childhood.
  • "Oh Jesus."
  • Chapter 46. Kazama Norio(Ushio's brother) has a weird way of doing a Marriage Proposal, but the aftermath is even more hilarious!
  • Akemiya and Sumika's date; specifically, Akemiya spraying cream all over his face trying to open one of those little plastic thingies restaurants serve with coffee. The result is... suggestive.