Funny / Saoirse Ronan

  • Accidental Misnaming is a big problem for her - since the vast majority of Americans can't pronounce Irish names. But according to her, the worst butchering came when she was being picked up at the airport. The placard read Shelly Ronan and she just went with it.
  • When asked about which superhero she'd like to play, she suggests creating a new one. It's an Irish thing to sort everything out with a cup of tea - so she suggests a superhero whose power is to pull a Big Damn Heroes during an argument and hose them down with tea.
  • She found out that she had been nominated for a Golden Globe for Brooklyn while getting her nails done in Dublin - and celebrated by buying champagne for everyone in the shop.
    • Dennis Quaid butchering her name when announcing the nomination deserves a mention. He pronounces it "shee-shaw". And after the nomination was announced, she got hundreds of calls asking her about that. As she hadn't seen it yet, she just kept saying "oh yeah, Dennis, quite a guy" without realising.