Funny / Santino Marella

  • Santino is the walking, talking, living, breathing embodiment of the Crowning Moment Of Funny. From mispronunciations of wrestler names to generally being unafraid to completely make an ass out of himself, he is the personification of this trope. And when teamed up with "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix, he's even funnier. But his Crowning Moment is most definitely:
    "Bring forth...THE HONK-A-METER!"
    • And then there's:
      Santino: My eyes are up here, I am NOT a piece of meat!
    • Beth Phoenix has picked up a couple since getting with Santino as well, most notably this: Stop kicking yourself, Melina!
  • Santino's entire Royal Rumble run to date:
    • His Rumble debut in 2008, when he entered the ring with The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels already fighting each other. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • To say nothing of Santino's performance in 2009. As one YouTuber put it: "The Warlord can rest easy knowing Santino did him a favor."note 
    • Santino can notch up another hilarious moment with his performance in 2011's Royal Rumble. To wit: He enters at #37 and within moments is kicked under the bottom rope to the outside. Ten minutes later, Alberto Del Rio is the last man standing in the ring and the winner of the Royal Rumble...until the forgotten Santino slips back in the ring and hits him with a Cobra Strike. Sure, Santino was eliminated almost immediately following due to his Unsportsmanlike Gloating, but that was the best Brick Joke WWE has pulled out in years.
    • 2012 saw The Cobra vs. Mr Socko. After the elimination of Ricardo Rodriguez, these two have a standoff and decide to take out their own 'weapons' and wear it. It's more funnier that once Epico enters the ring and interrupt their battle, he gets Santino's Cobra and eliminated by Foley's Mr Socko in just 11 seconds.
  • When Kane was backstage searching for CM Punk, he happened upon Santino:
    Kane: Where... is... Punk?
    Santino: Have you tried the Pepsi machine?
  • Yet another Crowning Moment Of Funny for Santino: attempting Melina's (in)famous split ring entrance. Bonus CMoF for Beth near the end. "NOT THERE! OF ALL PLACES WHY THERE?!"
  • Just when you thought it was safe to watch Raw, Santino brings out...the Mankini!
  • At an overseas house show in 2009, there was a 15-man battle royale. Santino comes face to face with Triple H and John Cena. They team up to throw him over the rope, but Santino manages to hang on and pull himself back in. He then tries to clothesline Cena and Triple H, but bounces right off them. Realizing he doesn't have a chance in hell of eliminating them, he eliminates himself instead.
  • Santino is invited to do commentary on a match, and ends up stealing Jerry Lawler's Subway Sandwich. Considered by some to be THE Crowning Moment of Funny for a man who busts them out on a regular basis.
  • There was that time where he somehow beat up The Sandman. He tries to add insult to injury by breaking Sandman's kendo stick over his knee... only to hurt himself.
  • There was the moment he told Rey Mysterio Jr. there were only three reasons someone would wear a mask.
    "Any man who hides behind a mask is either incredibly ugly... incredibly stupid oooor... or is THE BATMAN!!!!"
    • Rey does actually have a Batman-style mask, which makes this even funnier in retrospect.
  • Also, there was his angle with Stone Cold where, at one point Santino declared various Stone Cold moments would not be happening (glass breaking, can of "asswhip", stomping of mudpie) and finished by saying "JR is not going to reach the point of orgasm." The non-verbal reaction from JR was priceless.
    • Then Stone Cold shows up, and without missing a beat, Lawler comes out with this:
    Jerry "The King" Lawler: "Calm down JR, don't reach the point!"
    • The way he sold the Stunner is also memorable, as he did a military salute in mid-air after receiving a Stunner from Austin.
  • Hell, Santino's finishing move is a crowning moment of funny every time he tries to use it. COBRA! COBRA! COBRA!
    • Possibly even funnier now that people have to sell it.
  • While Corre was having an internal dispute on Raw 4/11/11, Santino comes out alongside Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, and Mark Henry, who have united to form their own group.
    "If you guys are 'The Corre', then allow me to present to you: The APPLE! 'Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything that you stand for.'"
    • And then there's the 'APPLE Powers Unite' group fist bump. Mark Henry needed some convincing to join in.
  • On a Raw over in the UK, Santino and Vladimir Kozlov invited Sheamus to a tea party. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • After being sidelined with an injury, Santino comes back to Raw's October 3rd show, by interrupting Jinder Mahal, who was in the ring, ranting in Punjabi. Santino mocks Jinder by speaking jibberish, which sets Jinder off and wants a match against Santino. Roughly 40 seconds later Jinder has eaten The Cobra and Santino is celebrating his victory.
  • On the September 27th episode of SmackDown!, Santino, accompanied by The Great Khali and Hornswoggle, has a match against the leader of the 3-Man Band, Heath Slater. Partway in, he has Slater out cold and goes for the which point Jinder Mahal breaks out a flute and begins playing a snake-charming tune...and it works, nearly leaving him to unleash his Finishing Move on himself!
    • But Wait, There's More! It turns out Khali has his own flute and begins a snake-charming tug-of-war with Mahal, causing the Cobra to go back and forth, even rising from near-defeat while Santino's still fairly out of it, all while the poor guy's left wondering what his serpentine sock puppet is doing. When Hornswoggle finally manages to swipe, and destroy, Mahal's flute, Khali plays the ditty that spells Slater's defeat and brings in the Cobra Strike!
  • Put in a blindfold match with Drew McIntyre, Santino is told off by the ref for having the Cobra glove on. Santino proceeds to pull out a tiny black hood to blind THE COBRA. He even waves his hand in front of it as if saying "see, it works."
  • On the October 2nd edition of NXT, he was in a mixed tag match that pit him and Emma against Fandango and Summer Rae. The resulting match was rather Chikara-esque.
  • On the 11/11/13 RAW Episode, Santino teams up with Los Matadores... and comes out wearing bull horns in order to fit in with his team. Even his Cobra has horns. The whole match is a massive moment of hilarity.
  • "Wanna see my Cobra?"
  • The reason why Jim Cornette slapped him, leading to his release from the WWE? Santino no sold The Boogeyman during an OVW taping. Everyone else was acting terrified and Santino just sat there looking at The Boogeyman like he was some kind of weirdo.