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Funny: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
  • As a general rule, Kanda is a master of the art of tsukkomi. Helps that he has lots of bokes to practice on.
  • Episode 2: Mashiro asking Sorata to take her clothes off. It's amazing just how far they go, considering Mashiro wasn't actually teasing Sorata (though she did try, when Sorata called her out on not making the whole thing the least bit sexy).
  • Misaki accidentally takes off Sorata's boxers. *beat* "Pervert."
  • Episode 7: A breather episode introducing the very energetic younger sister of Sorata. She has very interesting imagine spots too.
  • Episode 8: When it's revealed that Nanami had gone commando. The others just wouldn't stop teasing her about it.
  • In episode 14 we get this line when Sorata sees Aoyama in slightly different clothes. It's not what is being said but the way it's being said.
    Sorata: Hey... What was that for, AoyaaaaaAAAAAAMAHA!
  • The Anglo-Japan Shiritori of Things You've Always Wanted to Say, courtesy of Kamiigusa Misaki.
  • Sorata's household is... interesting.
  • Mashiro's Plan C.
  • Episode 24:
    • Rita pulling a fast one on Ryuunosuke and kissing him again. Maid-chan gets upset and Rita kisses her as well. She blushes madly in anger/embarrassment.
      • Most of the interactions between Rita and Maid-chan count as this.
    • The entire segment where the Sorata and the others welcome the new residents:
    • In accordance to Sakurasou tradition, Sorata, Nanami and Akasaka freak the new residents out.
    • Yuuko turns out to actually have passed. She just got her student number wrong.
    • The introduction of the young wife who just moved in next door, Mitaka Misaki.
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